congratulations! Brazilian giants president Tardelli is likely to return to the Super League

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congratulations! Brazilian giants president Tardelli is likely to return to the Super League

2018-12-07 20:25:14 74 ℃

The appeal of Chinese football is constantly improving. The Chinese Super League has also become the league that the world's top players are willing to join. Not only because of the high salary of the Super League, China's comfortable and safe environment also makes many football stars and family fall in love. Here. A few days ago, a top Shenfeng who scored 32 goals in 2 years in the Super League is likely to return to the Super League because his family loves China, and the president of the Brazilian giants personally acknowledged this in the interview!

This is the important hero Taldley of Shandong Luneng who won the league and the FA Cup runner-up this season. Brazil's former international team played very bravely in the Super League for nearly 2 years. In this season's Super League, he scored 17 goals in only 24 games, plus 7 assists. The efficiency of making 1 goal per game is staggering. In the FA Cup, he also scored 3 goals in 5 games. The 33-year-old Tardelli still shows superior scoring efficiency.

In the last year’s Super League, Tardelli scored 15 goals in 18 appearances and 4 assists. . In the two seasons, he scored as many as 32 goals in the Super League, and played only 42 games. I can't imagine how many goals will be scored if Tardelli played 60 games in 2 seasons. Talley’s club, Shandong Luneng, has not yet reached a renewal condition with Tardelli because of age concerns, and Tardelli has also left China.

Recently, many Brazilian media such as "Super Sports" have revealed one news that everyone expected, Tar Deli personally expressed his farewell to Luneng in the interview and personally admitted that he left Luneng. However, it is gratifying that the president of Brazil's giants Mineiro has said that he has had exchanges and talks with Tardelli. It is very likely that Tardelli will return to the Super League after leaving Luneng. He already has 3 copies of China's offer!

When talking about the reasons why Tardelli chose to return to the Super League, he admitted that Tardelli has A happy experience, and Tardelli’s family has fallen in love with China. I have to say that this statement is enough to make Chinese fans happy. If the Brazilian former international team with 32 goals in 2 years can re-play in China, it is undoubtedly the glory of Chinese football, and his and his family’s love for China is again. It confirms the promotion of the super attraction! (Lao Qiu Zhongchao Ball Review)