Double happiness! Wakif won the whole line, Zhejiang women's volleyball team reversed the first win, Zhu Ting Liu Yuhan won the king

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Double happiness! Wakif won the whole line, Zhejiang women's volleyball team reversed the first win, Zhu Ting Liu Yuhan won the king

2018-12-09 00:25:06 103 ℃

On the evening of December 7, the 2018 Women's Volleyball World Cup Group match ended in Shaoxing, Zhejiang. Wakif Bank, supported by Chinese fans, and Xitang Ancient Town, Jiashan, Zhejiang, both won.

A group of Wakif Bank encounters the Brazilian powerhouse Minas, Slottys has two games after the injury, the field Finally came back, Wakif Bank also discharged Zhu Ting, Robinson, Rasic, Zehra, Slottyes, Ozbayi, Ogg's strongest starting. The Minas team is led by Gaby and Natalya.

The first game of Wakif Bank fell behind 20 to 23, Zhu Ting with a button to get 3 points, led the team to play a wave of 5 to 0, to reverse the next city with 25 to 23.

The second bank scored 3 points when it was 18 to 21 behind. After that, the two sides repeatedly saw, the bank beat 30 to 28, 2 to 0.

The two consecutive games were overturned, and the Minas team's morale dropped. The third game simply replaced the main players such as Gabi, Natalya and Second Chance. The bank opened the score shortly after the start of the game. At 17 to 9, Zhu Ting was replaced by Tugba, and finally won 25 to 18, 3-0 and Minas.

Zhu Ting performed well in the field, 34 deductions in 16 blocks, and scored 18 points. Rasic scored 11 points and Slotyes contributed 7 points.

A group ended in the battle, Zhejiang Xishan Xitang Ancient Town faced France Le Cane Vorello, Zhejiang The first dispatched the main attacker was Kai Yi, Liu Yuhan, deputy attack Li Ying, Yang Hanyu, and Zhu Yuezhou, Wang Chuan Wang and the free man Wang Mengjie.

The first game in Zhejiang won by 25 to 16. In the second game, when Zhejiang fell behind 15 to 17, with Liu Wei's strong breakthrough to regain the initiative, 19 to 17 took the lead, and then played a small climax at the end of the game, regaining a game with 25 to 19. In the third game, Zhejiang lost 19 to 25, and the big score was 1 to 2 behind. In the fourth game, Zhejiang won 26 to 24, 2 to 2.

The deciding game Liu Weihan's serve and Yang Hanyu's block made Zhejiang 4 to 1 out, and once led by 13 to 10. Le Cannet scored 4 points and won the match with a 14 to 13 lead. Yang Hanyu blocked the score to save the match point, the other side smashed the ball out of bounds, Zhejiang 16 to 14 counterattack, 3 to 2 defeated Lecan.

Zhejiang’s main attack Liu Wei contains 70 deductions in the field, plus 6 blocks and 2 rounds, and takes 34 points to win. Score the king. The offensive attack Yang Hanyu 13 deduction 6 in the middle, plus 8 blocks and 3 rounds, got 7 points.

This World Cup Cup group match is over. Group A Wakif Bank ranked 3rd in the winning streak, Brazil Minas 2 wins and 1 loss ranked second, Zhejiang 1 wins and 2 losses ranked third, Lecane 3 losing streak. The top four in Group B are Isaac Bashi, Beach, Chonburi, Altay.

The two semi-finals will be held between Turkey and the Brazilian club tomorrow. Wakif Bank encounters the beach, Isa Chibach is against Minas. 5 to 8 qualifying sessions, Zhejiang vs. Altay, Lecane and Chonburi's Supreme confrontation.

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