Forbes 24+11 Spurs three-game winning streak! The sun is 10 consecutive defeats

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Forbes 24+11 Spurs three-game winning streak! The sun is 10 consecutive defeats

2018-12-12 20:25:26 81 ℃

The NBA regular season continues on December 12. In the sun, Buick took a break from the injury and Ariza was placed on the bench. In the end, the Spurs won the three-game winning streak at 111-86.

At the beginning of the first quarter, Forbes hit a three-pointer and Melton returned with a three-pointer. Gay layup, DeRozan Forbes scored 5 points and the Spurs made a 10-3 start. Melton scored three more points, Forbes made three free throws, Warren replied three points! Forbes added two more points. He scored 11 points in 5 minutes! The Spurs took the lead and ended the first quarter with 29-20!

The next quarter, Evans hit a jumper and Cunningham returned with two points. The two sides began to fight crazy, Bend jumper broke the deadlock, Ade also jumped to the ball, the two sides began to come to me to score each other, the last three and a half minutes Spurs played a wave of 13-4 to extend the lead to 15 points, the first half After the game, the Spurs led the Suns with a score of 13-46.

Easy to fight again, Gay jumper succeeded, Warren made two free throws, Bridges hit a three-pointer, the Spurs played a wave of 9-0 to extend the lead to 19 points, the Sun won 4 points, but the Spurs played another wave of 10-2! After three quarters, the Spurs led by 88-64 with 22 points!

At the end of the game, Ayton hit a hook, Cunningham replied three points, Josh Jackson scored three points, Boltel hit the ball, the sun hit a wave 15-4 close score! But Forbes hit a three-pointer, Poundset also hit a three-pointer, the Spurs once again opened the points difference! The sun is unable to return to the sky, and eventually the Spurs take the sun at home!

On the Sun side, Melton 17 points, 7 boards and 6 assists, Warren 23 points and 6 boards, Ayton 12 points and 11 boards

Spurs , Ade 18 points and 5 boards, Forbes 24 points and 11 boards, DeRozan 5 points and 9 points, Corningham 14 points, Bolter 8 points and 11 boards