Hamilton 33+10, De Shuai 32+8 Beijing away, Tianjin reversed 13 wins

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Hamilton 33+10, De Shuai 32+8 Beijing away, Tianjin reversed 13 wins

2018-12-15 00:25:34 97 ℃

Shide Shuai scored 32 points

Beijing time on the evening of December 14th, the 19th round of the 2018-19 season CBA League continued to fight, Beijing The team is a guest against Tianjin. Beijing did not perform well in the first half, but in the third quarter, he hit a three-pointer to complete the lead, and expanded the lead to double digits, which laid the foundation for the game. In the end, the game ended, Beijing defeated Tianjin in the 112-101 reversal on the road, and achieved a 13-game winning streak in the history of the team.

Liu Xiaoyu broke through the high hit and opened a score account for Beijing. On the Tianjin side, Aldridge took two points first, and Rochester scored two three-pointers. When the time, the German team suddenly broke out and scored 6 points. The home team played a wave of offensive climax with a 14-4 lead. Yan Xiaochuan scored 3 points in a row and broke the scoring drought for Beijing. However, Aldridge hit a hook and Rochester stepped back three points and Tianjin took the lead with 19-7. Beijing continued to fight back, and Xiao Xiaochuan made two free throws, and Beijing scored a little. However, Rochester's three-pointer, Shi Deshuai and Liu Shuai also have won, Tianjin holds a double-digit advantage. At the end of the first quarter, Tianjin led 29-19.

The second quarter, Tianjin continued to expand its leading position in the opening, once leading by 14 points. Subsequently, Beijing hit a 9-0 attack wave to catch up with 28-33. Rochester stopped the jumper and dropped the bag. When he was forced to attack the basket, Li Rongpei also had three points. Tianjin stabilized the lead. In the latter part of this section, Hamilton scored consecutively to support the Beijing team's offense. When Xiao Xiaochuan and Shi Deshuai broke out in the card position, they were stopped by the referee and teammates in time. After the conflict, Rochester still maintained an excellent offensive situation, and Tianjin continued to maintain its advantage. At halftime, Tianjin led 57-50.

In the third quarter, Xiao Xiaochuan scored 4 points first, and Li Rongpei scored two points and three points. Tianjin continued to lead. However, after Wang Qihui continued to score three points in three consecutive games, Beijing double foreign aid team scored 12 points, the visiting team played a wave of offensive climax to complete the go-ahead, and lead the opponent 77-67, the game entered a timeout. After the suspension, Aaron Jackson made two free throws and Beijing continued to widen the points. Subsequently, Rochester made a free throw for Tianjin to break the scoring drought for a few minutes. But Beijing's offensive has been difficult to block, leading up to 15 points. Tianjin scored a little at the end of the festival and ended the third quarter with 79-89.

In the first half of the final quarter, the Beijing team still took the lead! Hamilton continued to get hot points, Wang Yuhui continued to hit three points, Beijing led 103-88. In this section, 3 minutes and 49 seconds, Fang Shuo came on the bench and returned from time to time. Li Rongpei stopped the jumper and succeeded. When Fang Shuo came up, he retaliated with three points. Zhu Yanxi shot half a basket and hit it in less than 2 minutes. Beijing led 110-94 and the game entered garbage time. In the end, Beijing reversed Tianjin in the away game.

The two teams started:

Tianjin: Rochester, Shide Shuai, Jin Xin, Li Rongpei, Cole-Aldrich