Beiqing: Lippi will take 4 hurdles to Doha Zhang Xiuwei or missed the big list due to illness

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Beiqing: Lippi will take 4 hurdles to Doha Zhang Xiuwei or missed the big list due to illness

2018-12-15 10:25:08 86 ℃

Live on December 15th According to the news of Beijing Youth Daily, the Hengda Gate that was heavily reinstated during the training process in Haikou Will Zeng Cheng have returned to Guangzhou from Haikou, which also means that he missed the team to go to the Asian Cup. Among the four goalkeepers who stayed behind, Zhang Lu was injured and Wang Dalei was also a long battle. Lippi decided to bring all four existing goalkeepers to Doha.

When the reporter threw out the "door shortage" issue yesterday, Lippi also seemed quite helpless. He revealed, "We will have four goalkeepers in Doha's lineup," meaning that Yan Junling, Wang Dalei, Zhang Lu, and Guo Quanbo will all participate in the next Doha training. The national football team plans to bring 25 players to West Asia, of which the goalkeeper is configured for three people. However, the ensuing goalkeeper crisis forced the coaching staff to modify the plan, and Lippi repeatedly reiterated the importance of the goalkeeper position when communicating with the team members.

After Zeng Cheng left the team, the remaining 27 people will have the problem of the trip to Africa. Judging from the current situation, Zhang Xiuwei, who has been suffering from a fever and hospitalization some time ago, is likely to not go to Doha. As for which of the remaining 26 people will eventually miss the Asian Cup, they will need to be based on the team's next preparations and warm-up results. It is certain that one of the four goalkeepers must have missed the Asian Cup. In the case that Yan Junling's main position is difficult to shake, the competition of the other three people is both intense and subtle.

Although Guo Quanbo is one of the most eye-catching newcomers in the Super League this season, but the experience of international competitions can not be compared with Wang and Zhang. If Wang Dalei recovers his status as soon as possible and restores his weight to the standard suitable for the competition, then he will be the main candidate for the “second goalkeeper”. Whether Zhang Lu can participate in the Asian Cup depends on his recent recovery. From the situation reflected in the team, Lippi is still very much looking forward to him.