Champions League clearance: Barcelona immediately signed the match, Manchester United, Liverpool and Tottenham

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Champions League clearance: Barcelona immediately signed the match, Manchester United, Liverpool and Tottenham

2018-12-17 20:25:22 186 ℃

The Champions League draw ceremony began this evening. This is a 16-in-8 draw. The team in the same group and the same league needs to be avoided. The final draw is: Shaker 04vs Manchester City; Atletico vs Juventus; Manchester United vs Paris Saint-Germain; Tottenham vs Dortmund; Lyon vs Barcelona; Rome vs Porto; Ajax vs Real Madrid; Liverpool vs Bayern

Manchester has fought in the league and Liverpool this season. They have not won the championship in the Champions League. The team's lineup thickness and overall strength have made them the best champions in this Champions League. They also advanced to the top 16 as the group's first. Schalke 04 also determined the group's qualifying rights very early. They are currently in the 13th place in the league. Being able to go to the knockout stage is indeed a sure thing for Schalke, and they are expected to be in the Champions League. good luck.

Juventus had the first defeat in the Champions League this season, but their strength is unquestionable Especially after getting C Ronaldo, their goal is more clear. When the league is stable, they will fully attack the Champions League. This is one of the reasons why many fans are optimistic about them. Atletico Madrid has always been a tough team in the Champions League. They scored 13 points in the group stage. Unfortunately, they only won the second group. For the Simone team, the runners have gained too much in recent years. He is definitely looking forward to doing a good job this season.

Paris Saint-Germain is really not easy to get out of the death team, knowing that their start is not very good, good In the timely recovery of their state, with an enviable offensive trident and experienced back-line players, this season's big Paris is worth looking forward to. Manchester United got the second group, they know that their qualifying process is not easy. Today they were defeated by the rivals Liverpool. This season, Manchester United did encounter a big problem, but in their familiar European war, Manchester United still has The underlying.

Dortmund entered the knockout round as the group's first player. They scored the same points in the group stage as Atletico Madrid. However, they got the first team in the mutual record. Dortmund's strength this season is also very strong. Tottenham's offense is what many fans like. They played a miraculous big turn in the group stage and pressed Inter Milan to advance. It is almost a miracle. For the London team, they are trying to go further.

Barca entered the Champions League knockout with the first place in Group B. Recently, he is in good shape. In the league, he has just won the old rivals. The status of Messi and others is also very good this season. Barcelona is a strong contender for the Champions League this season. Lyon is the master of the draw in the Champions League this year. Although they are unbeaten in the group, they only got one strength. The other five games are all draws. For the former Ligue 1 hegemon, they can only expect to have more in the Champions League. More play.

The overall strength of the team in which Porto is located is not very strong. They have achieved an unbeaten record of five wins and one draw in the group. The pressure on Shaer's 04 is out, and the attack power of 15 goals in six games can be compared with Bayern and Barcelona. It also shows that they also have their own strengths. The Roma team scored three wins and three losses in the group. Last season, the Roma team was the semi-final team, and they also reversed the elimination of the Cosmos Barcelona, ​​so even if their overall strength is not very strong, they should not be underestimated. they.

Real Madrid has changed a lot this season, but they are defending champions after all, so even if they were killed by the CSKA Moscow, they still won the group first, and the double-killing Roman team became The key to it. Ajax currently has the most attention-winning Gemini in European football. The two midfielders, Derhert and De Jong, are the key to their team's qualifying in the Champions League. They naturally expect better in the knockout. Play.

Bayern is the first group to advance, although they play in the league in general, but in the Champions League Bayern is still very competitive in the competition. In the group stage, they won the first place with four wins and two draws. It is necessary to know that the most outstanding group in the history of the Champions League is the four wins and two level. Liverpool relied on Allison's excellent play to pressure Naples to get the top 16 tickets. For them, this season's staffing is better and the players are very tacit. Just winning the double red has already explained everything. Last season they It is the runner-up, and this time they have to fully attack the champion.