Unstoppable! Wakif Bank 3-0 sweeping the underdog to temporarily summit Zhu Ting led the team to win the 10th win

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Unstoppable! Wakif Bank 3-0 sweeping the underdog to temporarily summit Zhu Ting led the team to win the 10th win

2018-12-25 00:25:16 1023 ℃

Beijing time on December 24th at 19:00, a focus of the 11th round of the Turkish Women's Volleyball Super League at Wakif Bank Between Canakkale and the two sides, after three rounds of contests, Wakif Bank, who played in the away game, swept Canakkale 3-0 and won the 10th victory in the new season. The scores of the three games were 25- 20, 25-16 and 25-21 (Wakif Bank is in front). With the victory of this game, Wakif Bank's record of 10 wins and 1 loss temporarily exceeded the two games of Isaac Bashi to the top of the list.

Wakif Bank’s recent two-line battle, last week in the second round of the Champions League group match 3-0 sweeping Bulgarian Pro Fu Difu won two consecutive victories. Zhu Ting scored 15 points in two games and half in this game. Then Wakif Bank returned to the Super League to defeat the newly promoted Turkish Airlines. Canakkale’s strength is flat, there are no well-known players in the team, and the gap between the defending champion Wakif Bank is very obvious, but even so, Zhu Ting is still starting the game, Rasic, Robinson, Karakul Specially, all of them are starting, and Slottys is on standby for the bench.

The first game Karakult 2 consecutive slash hit, Canakkale 2 attack After succeeding, he sent the ball and scored directly. Merris's position was short and fast. Wakif Bank hit the net and fouled. The score came to 4-4. Robinson's attack on the 4th position succeeded and scored lightly. Wakif Bank scored a 5-0 scoring wave to open the score. Although Canakkale stubbornly chased points, but the strength of Wagner Bank did not give the other side to equalize the opportunity, and finally take the 25-20 first city, the big score 1-0 lead. Since the opponent did not create too much threat to Wakif Bank, the main focus of Zhu Ting in the first game was on the pass and defensive end, and did not shoot too many times. After all, the recent double-line battle, this is also against Zhu Ting. a kind of protection.

The second game of Zhu Ting's 4th position buckled the small slash and scored the original jump, Meriha 3 The position was short and fast, Zhu Ting blocked the score, and Wakif Bank started 5-2. Although Canakkale once narrowed the difference to 1 point, but Karakult's attack on the 2nd position continued to hit, Zhu Ting also won the 4th position, after Wakif Bank achieved 21-12 lead, Zhu Ting Changed by Tugba. Canakkale, who has gone to the general trend, is unable to return to the sky. Wakif Bank 25-16 is in the next city, leading the score 2-0.

The third game, Zhu Ting continued to start, Karakult's attack on the 2nd position was stopped, Zhu Ting buckled the slash hit, Karakult attacked, Robinson beat out, Wakif Bank 4-2 lead . Then the game fell into a stalemate, the two sides alternately scored, the score has not been opened. After all the way to 19th level, Wakif Bank regained the lead in the score, and finally no accident, Wakif Bank 25-21 went to the next city, thus winning a big score of 3-0.