National Football 1-2 Iraq Wu Lei scored a penalty 1 shame record or motivate the national fighting spirit

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National Football 1-2 Iraq Wu Lei scored a penalty 1 shame record or motivate the national fighting spirit

2018-12-25 10:25:25 180 ℃

Last night, the national football team and Iraq held a warm-up match, resulting in the national football 1-2 lost to Iraq. Compared with the home and home draws in India and Palestine, this score is not an accident. Before the game, Li Xuepeng withdrew from the injury. In the second half, Liu Yuming was dyed red and left. The 10-man national football team only lost one ball to Iraq. There may be some lucky factors.

This game, because the whole process is closed, does not reflect the graphic report of the game process, indicating that this game will reflect The main play of the national football team in the Asian Cup. Because the Iraqi team is weaker than South Korea, it is obviously stronger than Kyrgyzstan and the Philippines in the same group. This game does have a warm-up value, and the whole game is closed as a correct choice.

As the super-shooter of the season, Wu Lei has helped the Hong Kong team to win the Chinese team and has vowed to contribute more to the national team. Last night's game should be the beginning of fulfilling the promise. Although he only scored a penalty, it reflected his leadership and responsibility in the national team. This is what Chinese fans want to see most. Wu Lei also said that the main goal of the Chinese team is to score the 2022 Qatar World Cup. This determination also makes Chinese fans very excited.

However, it’s too difficult for the national football team to turn over the five mountains of South Korea, Japan, Iran, Australia and Saudi Arabia. Even if it is against the second-class Asian teams in Iraq and the United Arab Emirates, the national football is not dominant. Last night's game, Wu Lei scored a goal before the end of the half, but shortly after the opening half of the second half, Iraqi teenager Muhanad Ali broke the goal and scored a goal.

Know that Muhanad-Ali was born in June 2000, and the national football team actually created one last night. Shame record: The door of the Chinese men's soccer team was first attacked by the 00s. In fact, this is already the 6th goal of the 18-year-old teenager in the 10th international game on behalf of the national team. The Chinese team also has U23 players like Liu Yiming, Liu Yang and Wei Shihao. They also performed well in the Super League game, but compared with the 18-year-old Iraqi teenager, the most conspicuous is their income.

Lippi also knows the strength of Muhanad Ali, so the game said that the teenager is the best Test the national defense defense line, but unfortunately, the national football's million-year-old big men still failed to stop the goal after 00.

Fortunately, this is just a warm-up match. I believe that in the Asian Cup, the National Football Club will be defeated by the 00 teenager. Shame, work hard to play the group three games. In particular, the first two games must be guaranteed to win, and then the Korean team led by Sun Xingyu will be the first in the group with a relaxed attitude. Where is Wu Lei and Sun Xingyu in the end? Can the national defense line be able to withstand the sharp attack of South Korea? I hope that the Asian Cup’s war between China and South Korea will be spurred by the shameful record of the national football team being broken by the 00-year-old teenager!