What kind of coach is Mourinho? After being fired, "Ghosts" said good things for him!

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What kind of coach is Mourinho? After being fired, "Ghosts" said good things for him!

2018-12-25 20:25:09 928 ℃

Beijing time on the afternoon of December 18, Manchester United officially announced that coach Mourinho will take the class. In less than a week after Mourinho’s class, Manchester United players also talked about some of their former coaches. view.

"I want to thank Mourinho. He made me progress and taught me to be a man" - Borg Bar

"As a player, he should pay a respect to Mourinho. He did a lot for Manchester United. Leaded the team to win three trophies." - Luke Shaw

Muri during coaching Manchester United The two most publicly criticized players are Bogba and Lukeshaw, who are also considered to be "the biggest ghosts." The "Sun" even broke the news that after seeing Mourinho being fired, Bogba took the lead in celebrating.

But now, they all openly support the former Manchester United coach in front of the media.

In fact, after Mourinho was dismissed by Chelsea three years ago, the three Blues players also denied the identity of the ghosts and did not admit that the relationship with Mourinho deteriorated.

"Besides Wenger, he is the coach who has the most contact with me." - Fabregas < /p>

"Chelsea was cruel to me at the time. When I was most sad, only Mourinho called me. "-- Costa"

"If I choose a coach to work together, I will choose Mourinho. "- Azar"

After returning to the Premier League, Mourinho has been an important output of the British media. His relationship with the Blues and Manchester United players is really false and agnostic. Anyway, these two soap operas are now over.