A fierce defensive matchup! Guangdong halftime 0 three points Beijing 8 rounds do not score

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A fierce defensive matchup! Guangdong halftime 0 three points Beijing 8 rounds do not score

2018-12-26 00:25:08 386 ℃

Beijing time on December 25th, the CBA League Guangdong team won the 96-87 victory over the visiting Beijing team. With the reversal in the third quarter, they won the defensive battle.

The game set the tone for the defensive war at the beginning of the game. The Guangdong team has been very difficult in the previous attacks, even Yi Jianlian was The defensive cast a three-in-one performance. The Beijing team is very brave and can't help but foul. Yi Jianlian and Zhou Peng both opened the record for the Guangdong team through free throws.

This season, the Guangdong team played a small fast-paced running and blasting tactic. Their average score can reach 120 points per game, but today only 96 points are enough to see it. But on the other hand, it can be seen that Guangdong was once defended by the Beijing team and could not find North. In this game, the Guangdong team only scored 4 three-pointers, and in the final stage of the third quarter, Du Runwang scored one. In other words, the Guangdong team did not score three-pointers in the first half. . The Beijing team hit 7 three-pointers in the first half and hit 11 in the game.

Guangdong lost to the defensive in the first half, so they can reverse and win on the defensive. In the second quarter of the game, they were only scored 17 points by the Beijing team, and only got 5 points in nearly 5 minutes. In the third quarter of the game, they immediately changed color, and the Beijing team defended the single section. It is 14 points. And for the most exciting period of time, the Beijing team did not score for 8 consecutive rounds.

In the third quarter of the game, the Guangdong team gradually caught up with the score. After chasing 48, Hamilton scored 2 points for Zhou Peng. The score of the Beijing team came to 50. There were 7 minutes and 15 seconds left in the third quarter. Immediately, the Guangdong team exerted defensive pressure, and Xiao Xiaochuan did not make a layup. Then he passed the ball and was intercepted. The Beijing team then called a timeout. After the suspension, Xiao Xiaochuan was shot in the inside and was blocked by Yi Jianlian. Jackson then singled out, Beijing. When the team scored again, there was still a rebate from Hamilton. At this time, there were only about 3 minutes and 20 seconds left in the third quarter.

The Beijing team has a lot of fate this season, but has been winning with a strong defense and a willingness to lose, even in the face of Guangdong. This level of team, they lost and lost the first step, they showed the integrity of Beijing basketball with a strong defense.