Owen 40 points overtime director 13-1, Celtics beat 76ers 121-114

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Owen 40 points overtime director 13-1, Celtics beat 76ers 121-114

2018-12-26 10:25:01 294 ℃

The third game of the Christmas War, the Celtics played against 76ers, Owen scored 40 points and the Celtics beat 121-114. 76 people.

The opening of Tatum and Marcus Morris have played well, but the most eye-catching is Owen. He scored 16 points in 7 shots in the first quarter and grabbed 5 rebounds. Ball (3 offensive rebounds). On the 76ers, Embiid also scored 11 points. Redick hit 3 points and scored 10 points, but others did not perform well. The first team was 25-32 behind. Butler broke out in the second quarter, dunking, mid-range, and three-pointers. However, Morris attacked bravely. After Owen came back, the Celtics led by 50 points and scored 11 points. At the end of the festival, Enbid scored two goals and the 76ers chased 51-57! Owen scored 23 points at halftime.

The third quarter 76ers staged a big counterattack, Butler, Embiid even three points, Simmons fast break dunk, the 76 quickly equalized the score. Morris, Tatum, Smart and others retaliated with a wave of 14-4 and led 10 points. But Butler killed his eyes, scored 13 points in this section, Embiid scored 8 points in the last 2 minutes, and the 76ers went 89-86.

The fourth quarter of Chandler and Kokmaz's three-pointers helped the 76ers lead 98-91. Owen's difficult layup, Rozil, Tatum, three points, the Celtics last 4 minutes and 53 seconds 102-101 go-ahead! Tatum's fast break was chased by Embiid, Embiid singled dunks, and the 76ers regained the lead. Since then, the Celtics have made three consecutive mistakes, and the 76ers have frequently hit the iron. In the last 2 minutes, Morris made Redick foul two free throws, the Celtics 104-103 overtake. Turning back Owen fouled Chandler, who made two free throws. Owen broke through Butler's layup. Embiid missed a three-pointer, and Chandler’s second attack was ruined by Tatum’s big hat. Owen singled out Chandler, but the latter had a three-pointer in the open, and in the final 36 seconds, the 76ers led by 2 points with 108-106. Owen singled out Butler, hitting the back with difficulty! Redick missed a jumper and both sides entered overtime.

Overtime, Enbide and Butler played a 5-0 start. Tatum slashed the dunk and Hayward countered the vacant. After that, Owen opened the hang, even two points in the middle of the three points, the Celtics played 10-1, the last 1 minute 29 seconds 118-114 overtake! Tatum retaliated and made two free throws to kill the game!

Enbid 34 points, 16 rebounds, 6 errors, Simmons 11 points, 14 rebounds and 8 assists, Butler 24 points, Redick 17 points, Chandler 15 points.

Owen 40 points and 10 boards, Morris 23 points, Tatum 23 points and 10 boards.