Don't be too pessimistic about the national football! Kyrgyz is a substitute for Qatar this morning.

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Don't be too pessimistic about the national football! Kyrgyz is a substitute for Qatar this morning.

2018-12-26 10:25:06 7697 ℃

Doha local time at 22 o'clock on the evening of December 25 (Beijing time today at 3 am In the end of a warm-up match, the host Qatar team defeated Kyrgyz 1-0 with a goal from Affi at the Caliph Stadium. It should be pointed out that Qatar team played this time is Qatar's backup lineup. This may be somewhat relieved for the Chinese men’s team that lost the day before.

Setting up a training camp in Doha to prepare for the Asian Cup The Kyrgyz team had a warm-up match with the Jordan team six days ago. The result was a 1-0 win over Jordan with a long shot from the end. After the game, the last two players who played overseas, the 27 players who planned to come to Doha in Kyrgyzstan all arrived. After two days of training, they came to the Caliph Stadium this morning to challenge Qatar.

Ali Afef

The Qatar team had just had a warm-up match with the Jordan team two days before December 23, and the result was 2-0. As the distance between the game and the Kyrgyz team is less than 48 hours, Qatar will not send the starting lineup in this game, but will not play in the first game against Jordan or the last time to play. The players formed the starting line and played for the Kyrgyz team. Most notably, Currently Qatar’s hot star, forward 11 Acram Afef started in the game, and his brother Ali Afef also took the lead as the captain. /strong>. The scene where the brothers started the Qatar national team at the same time was not a lot. Thus, in the 69th minute, when Akram Afef opened the record for the Qatar team, he ran to his brother with excitement after the goal, and Ali Afef also opened his arms to meet his brother.

Akram Affef scores and runs to his brother

However, Chinese fans may still pay more attention to the Kyrgyz team. After all, the Chinese team’s first opponent in the group stage is Kyrgyz. It is understood that in this game, the Kyrgyz team also sent all the main players, including two players who just returned from overseas. The team's formation is 541, and it is still a counterattack in technical and tactical play. However, in the whole game, the Kyrgyz team did not have an advantage in the scene. Although the Qatar team sent out the players who had never played in the Jordan team two days ago, the overall level and strength are still higher. /strong>. In the end, the Qatar team beat the Kyrgyz team 1-0, which is a normal result.

According to the arrangement, the Qatar team has arranged a total of four games. On December 27th, the team will play in Algeria and will be recruited by Iran on December 30th. The Kyrgyz team will warm up with the Palestinian team on December 30 after the warm-up match.

What is more interesting is that the Kyrgyz team’s warm-up match in Doha has met the Chinese team this year. When the Qatar team's bench lineup won the Kyrgyz team 1-0, in September this year, the Chinese team lost to Qatar in the caliphate stadium 0-1; the Kyrgyz team won the 1-0 victory in Jordan. On the 28th, the Chinese team made a move; the opponent of the last warm-up match of the Kyrgyz team, Palestine, had just 1-1 draw in the national football team in Haikou last month; two days ago, the Palestinian team had a 1-1 draw in Doha. The Iranian team. The results of the warm-up match can not explain any problems, but how much also respond to the overall strength of each team, just for reference.