Feng Wei: I lost to Iraq and I was very angry after Lippi.

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Feng Wei: I lost to Iraq and I was very angry after Lippi.

2018-12-26 10:25:10 372 ℃

In preparation for the 2019 UAE Asian Cup, the national football team will play a warm-up match with Iraq. Although Wu Lei scored, it is still 1-2. Lost. After the game, Feng Wei revealed in an interview that after losing to Iraq, the national football coach Lippi was very angry.

Feng Wei talked about the game lost to Iraq. "Yesterday's game was not as good as we thought. There are some highlights, but not many. It is very bad. The head coach is very angry today. The ball is The new ball, coupled with the unsuitable venue, eventually led to the loss."

In the past, the national football has been honing two Set of tactics, a set of three defenders, a set of five defenders, and work on the free kick, Feng Wei said, "5 guards, 3 guards, according to different opponents, take different formations and play, mainly to run the lineup. The combination of personnel, the position is different, the different play in the first half and the second half, the requirements for the individual are not the same, but also need to run in. The arrangement of the free kick in the defensive aspect, but also to refine some, the opponent in the free kick tactics Careful drills, this gave us a reminder, the defensive free kick in the Asian Cup is also more attention. The first is the issue of attention, then the mutual cooperation and support, the opponent's tactics, we have to do a little better in the details, to prevent Lose the ball in a free kick."

For the upcoming Asian Cup, Feng Wei said that his goal is not high, and he can play his own things. "Some good things have to be kept, and the score is important. But more importantly, we have to play something that we usually practice!"