The national football is humiliated! Foreign media said that the Chinese team could not qualify for the group, and the opponent forward was determined to win.

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The national football is humiliated! Foreign media said that the Chinese team could not qualify for the group, and the opponent forward was determined to win.

2018-12-26 20:25:22 951 ℃

The UAE Asian Cup is very close. The fans and the media are paying more and more attention to the national football. The TV station also has a promotional video about the national football Asian Cup. After all, the Asian Cup is currently a national football team. The highest level of competition, although we still have the opportunity to participate in the World Cup in the future, but at this stage for the Chinese team to be able to play the Asian Cup is the most crucial thing. For the fans, the news of the national football can be said to be very few, most of them are predictions, etc., because the national football this time is a low-key expedition, even the warm-up match is completely closed, in order to be prepared, strive for Good results in the Asian Cup.

However, recent news from the outside world is not very high for the national football team. First, the national football is the ninth place in terms of odds. This is not much different from the current national football rankings in Asia, and the ninth is just missed the quarter-finals. I don't know if this means that the national football team is likely to miss the quarter-finals. If the odds look low, then the Indian media gives the view that many Chinese fans are unacceptable. Sportskeeda said that the Chinese team is likely to have no way to qualify in the C group.

"Sportskeeda" also gave its own reasons when throwing opinions, because the Korean team is the strength of this group. The strongest, the hope of winning all three games is great. The Chinese team’s opponent in the first game of the Kyrgyzstan team played quite well this year, so the Indian media believes that the national football team may not be able to pass the first battle and regret losing. Of course, they still feel that the Chinese team can beat the Philippines team, so the Chinese team points for 3 points, it is difficult to qualify from the group.

In addition to the Indian media, Kyrgyzstan striker Muzayev, the opponent of the national football Asian Cup first game, was interviewed It also revealed the determination to win. He said that this trip to the Asian Cup is of great significance to his country, especially the match between the first game and the Chinese team. This is a huge responsibility, and his status is good. I look forward to the early match against the Chinese team on January 7.

Reminiscent of our warm-up match being defeated by Iraq now, opponent coach praised Zheng Zhi and felt that Chinese football is not young At the top of the crowd, let’s take a look at the analysis of the outside media and the feeling of the opponent’s striker. It’s no wonder that many fans are sweating for the national football. Of course, it is necessary to say that the third place in the group also has the opportunity to qualify. Therefore, the overall hope of the national football team to enter the top 16 is still very large.