Tianjin Quanjian football official blog was stunned by fans! The boss once boasted of Haikou: 2.1 billion to buy Messi!

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Tianjin Quanjian football official blog was stunned by fans! The boss once boasted of Haikou: 2.1 billion to buy Messi!

2018-12-26 20:25:25 396 ℃

In recent days, Dr. Clove's "Billion-dollar health empire, and the Chinese family in its shadow" has been screened online, and the debate between it and Quanjian has also been heated up. Not only that, but the official Weibo football team of Tianjin Quanjian football team also suffered a fall.

Many netizens roared at the bottom of their rights, they commented: "Do you usually use insoles? ?Play the ball and relax with the fire therapy? Send your girlfriend a sanitary napkin? The Tianjin MLM team has worked hard and quickly downgraded it."

However, Tianjin Quanjian still has a good performance in the Super League this season. They are currently achieving 9 wins, 9 draws and 12 losses, ranking ninth in the league. As the owner of Quan Jian, Shu Yihui is also a full-fledged football fan. Under his leadership, Quan Jian has invested in TEDA, acquired Songjiang, signed a contract, and overtook the AFC Champions League. As the head of the team, there is no slack in the football.

But as the boss of Quanjian, Shu Huihui often confessed to the quotations of Leiren on football. The most famous of these is spending 2.1 billion to buy Messi. At that time, the reporter asked if the fact that the report wanted to buy Messi was true. Shu Yihui replied: "I didn't quote Messi, but they quoted me, saying that the fine was 200 million euros, then Messi himself, the first year. The salary is 100 million euros, so the sum is 300 million euros. At that time, according to the ratio of the euro to the renminbi, it is almost 1 to 7 yuan, 2.1 billion yuan! That kind of thing does not rule out what I will do in the future!" p>

Bai Yuhui also admitted that he was lucky when he met him, because Shu Huihui thought he was an ambitious Aspirations, people who want to bring Chinese football and Chinese clubs to the world. Regarding investment in football, Shu Yihui even revealed that he did not have any budget. He also expressed concern that players do not like money.

It is true that the recent Quanjian Group is at the forefront of public opinion, and the name of the boss Shu Huihui has also been mentioned by more and more people. and. However, in terms of football, Quan Jian has indeed achieved many gratifying achievements in recent years.