C Ronaldo is still the top scorer of Real Madrid for half a year. The number of goals scored by the team is the lowest in 5 years.

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C Ronaldo is still the top scorer of Real Madrid for half a year. The number of goals scored by the team is the lowest in 5 years.

2018-12-26 20:25:26 397 ℃

"Without Ronaldo, Real Madrid's offense is dead." In the latest commentary of Spain's "Daily Sports Daily", Real Madrid scored 36 goals in La Liga and Champions League this season, which is the most in their last five years. Poor data. The departure of Cristiano Ronaldo is a huge blow to Real Madrid.

The Daily Sports Daily pointed out that the biggest problem facing Real Madrid is the goal. The lack of scoring ability of the team affected Real Madrid, making Real Madrid feel uncomfortable and suffering every game. Regardless of how many opportunities Real Madrid creates and how many scenes it takes, the team lacks the ability to attack the city. This is because the forwards lack the ability to get a foot. The sale of Ronaldo has caused damage to Real Madrid, and the club’s top management has not realized this.

The Thai media said that Cristiano Ronaldo can enter 3 on the court and sell him. Real Madrid is at least looking for a game. Enter 2 to replace him. But now, Real Madrid has only two centers, that is Benzema and Mariano. The other players, Bell is changed from the defender to the striker, Assencio, Vazquez is a forward, Vinicius is a winger, he rarely plays because it is too young. Isco is the midfielder, and Cevallos and Modric are midfielders. That's it.

The data of Real Madrid at both the individual level and the collective level is very pale, and cannot meet the requirements of Real Madrid.

In two of the most important events in the Champions League and La Liga, Real Madrid scored 36 goals in 22 games, which is the worst data of the last five years. Compared with the past three seasons that achieved the Champions League three consecutive championships, Real Madrid won by only scoring ability.

The last season, Real Madrid scored 48 goals, 12 more than the current. Last season, 56 goals were scored, 20 more than now. Real Madrid scored 60 goals and 24 goals three years ago. Real Madrid scored less than two goals this season, but also lost 24, averaging more than one ball per game.

Real Madrid averaged 1.63 goals per game this season and lost 1.09 goals, which means that Real Madrid averaged only 0.54 goals per game.

The data exposed Real Madrid's pale attack power, which was mainly caused by the lack of a forward who could turn the opportunity into a goal. Real Madrid has 24 players, 21 players except the goalkeeper, only 2 centers. The BBC combination only has BB left, and Bell and Benzema can't fill the gap left by Ronaldo. In fact, this has been proven in the past few seasons, but Real Madrid executives are not willing to believe this.

In the past four seasons, Cristiano Ronaldo played 78 games (out of 10 games) before Christmas, and scored 76 goals, accounting for 33.3% of the team's goals. And Benzema's goal at this stage is 41, and Bell is only 28 goals. This season, Bell and Benzema only scored 16 goals in total, and C Ronaldo can easily surpass them. The Portuguese scored 22 goals or even 28 goals in the same period.

C Luo left a huge vacancy for Real Madrid and there is a data to prove that after he left Real Madrid for half a year, he is still Real Madrid in 2018 The best shooter. The Portuguese scored 28 goals for Real Madrid in the first half of the year, including 22 goals in La Liga and 6 goals in the Champions League. Bell only scored 26 goals a year, including 17 goals in La Liga, 5 goals in the Champions League, 1 goal in the King's Cup, and 3 goals in the World Cup. Benzema scored 18 goals, including 9 goals in La Liga, 6 goals in the Champions League, 2 goals in the King's Cup and 1 goal in the European Super Cup.

The second half of the season, Real Madrid executives must pay attention to the offensive vacancies, the team needs to introduce a high-level plug-and-play forward, but in the winter transfer market, to find such players It can be said that it is difficult to add.