VAR rescue! AC Milan 0-0 draws the second to the countdown, the league has not scored 1 goal in 4 rounds.

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VAR rescue! AC Milan 0-0 draws the second to the countdown, the league has not scored 1 goal in 4 rounds.

2018-12-27 00:25:09 463 ℃

Beijing time on December 26, Serie A took the lead in the 18th round, the fifth AC Milan challenged the newly promoted Mafro Sinoe. In the first half, Milan Castillejo once hit the post, and Frosinone scored a goal in the counterattack, but the referee passed the VAR to determine that the foul was invalid in the advanced ball. Easy side battles, the two sides played more ugly on the scene, neither side created a threatening offensive opportunity. In the end, AC Milan was defeated by Frosinone 0-0, the league 4 wins and 0 goals, all events suffered 5 games.

Milan's past four games have been victorious, 3 leagues, 1 draw and 1 loss have not scored 1 goal, the league ranking fell out of the top four, Europa League 1-3 lost the missed tournament, coach added The cable is at the cusp. Team strikers Higuain and Kuterrone are caught in a scoring drought. Media reports that Gattuso must win the two games at the end of the year or they will be fired. The newly promoted Frosilone is currently ranked second in the bottom, 6 draws and 10 losses, and is deeply in the relegation zone. This campaign Milan Casey and Bakayoko come back, Kutrone to replace Suso into the starting lineup.

3rd minute , Calabria made a right pass, and Kutrorone’s middle road was actually missed. In the 15th minute, Chalhan Oulu hit the free kick directly. In the 16th minute, Gillioni made a cross from the right and the base was pushed in front of the restricted area. In the 18th minute, Castillejo made a right-handed shot and the ball hit the post.

In the 25th minute, Higuain scored a ball to the right to follow Kass Tirejo, who took the ball and cut it directly, and Frosinone goalkeeper flew the ball out. In the 30th minute, Gillioni volleyed directly after the volley, and Donaluma flew to save the ball. In the 36th minute, Frosinone Giglioni made a cross from the right and the ball was raised in front of the Bergotto door.

In the 37th minute, Frosirone countered Majello's assists for Ciano. However, the referee passed the var back and judged that Siano missed Chaer Khan Oul's foul and the goal was invalid.

< p> In the 40th minute, Chalhan Oulu was very agitated after pushing left, and Higuain was blocked by a direct volley. In the 43rd minute, after Calabria broke into the penalty area, he shot directly into the net. At halftime, Milan was at a disadvantage on the scene and the two sides were 0-0.

In the 50th minute of the easy side battle, Higuain was assigned to the right, and Castillejo returned the triangle and the shot was blocked. In the 52nd minute, Frosinone Krisetti was given a yellow card for a foul on Bakayoko. In the 59th minute, Frosinone Giglioni made a right pass, but unfortunately Piñamonti was unable to cover the position.

The competition between the two teams has become increasingly fierce, but it has not been able to form a threatening offensive opportunity for a long time. In the 68th minute, R Luozhong Road broke the rush and took two steps directly to the front, the ball hit a little higher. In the 70th minute, Calabria got the ball again after being blocked from the left and then the ball was saved by the goalkeeper. In the 71st minute, Gilioni had a long-range shot from the middle, and Donaluma saved the ball. In the 72nd minute, Siano's long-range shot was not threatened.

In the 76th minute, Chalhan Oulu took the corner and Roma Nioli made a header and was scored by the goalkeeper. In the 84th minute, Higuain volleyed again in the middle of the road. In the 85th minute, Little Conti fell to the ground in the restricted area, but the referee did not whistles. In the 88th minute, Higuain returned the ball to the middle of the penalty area on the right side of the penalty area. Casey followed the shot and missed the left column. In the 89th minute, Chalhan Oulu made a cross pass on the right and Higuain hit a high point near the penalty spot.

In the 91st minute, Casey Middle Road turned and shot directly, and the ball was won by the goalkeeper. In the end, Milan lost 0-0 to Frosinone.

Frosinone starting: Sportierello/Gordaniga, Aredo, Kranich/Gilioni, Kei Bussa, Krisettigue, Majello, Bergotto/Ciano, Pinamarti

AC Milan starter: Dona Luma/Karabri Asia, Moussacchio, Romanioli, Ricardo Rodriguez/Casey, Bakayoko, Chalhan Oulu/Castilejo, Higuain, Kuterone < /p>