The final meeting of the Tianfu Cup final, Chen Yaozhen, robbed Shen Zhenyu, and became the Triple Crown.

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The final meeting of the Tianfu Cup final, Chen Yaozhen, robbed Shen Zhenyu, and became the Triple Crown.

2018-12-27 00:25:09 435 ℃

Special Reporter Coca Report On December 26th, the first Tianfu Cup World Professional Go Championship finals was held at the Qinhuang Holiday Hotel in Tianfu New District, Chengdu. In the third game, China’s Chen Yaoxuan Nine-segment black 207 hands won the South Korean 00 after the Shen Zhen 谞 nine paragraphs, with a total score of 2-1, and won 2 million yuan in prize money. Shen Zhenyi won the runner-up and 700,000 bonuses. (The data of this game has been released. Players can log in to Tencent Wild Fox PC and mobile to view)

< After the draw of 1 to 1 draw, since the first two games were all white, and the two had played in the first 7 times, the white win was as many as six, and the winning percentage reached 86%. So whoever guessed white today, Who is the first to win psychologically. Chen Yaozhen guessed that after Black's first move, he still started with yesterday's layout. The two were simply in the resumption, but Chen Yaozhen revealed that after the game ended, he went back to the room and used Tencent's "excellent art" to conduct a detailed study. A new trick to break the road.

Shenzhen really did not see this new change, long test, chose Changes in actual combat conversion. Although the black game winning percentage shown by the show is only about 40%, Chen Yaoxuan said that the psychological rhythm of Shen Zhenyi was disrupted, and the new move was quite effective.

Black has taken the upper left corner and took the lead. When White was dispatched, Black chose to break the battle, but when White sought to cross the second pass, Chen Yaoxuan suddenly gave up the break attack and instead seized the big game on the right side. Shen Zhenyi also placed his left on the top, and kept chasing Black, and scored deep in the lower right corner to fight with Black.

After several hands, White not only ate the lower right corner, but also The black block game on the right side formed an offensive. At this time, the white chess win rate was as high as 75%. If Chen Yaoxuan follows normal practice, it is difficult to reverse the winning rate. In actual combat, he chose to change his hand on the lower right fifth road. He intended to use the cheaper hand first, and Shen Zhen’s anger and counterattack, the two formed a conversion again, and Black will turn right. The next two white pieces are cut, white is pierced through the black side, and the whales swallow the two.

When Chen Yaoxuan made a single hand in the lower right corner of the second road, asking for the manufacture of the loo. Shen Zhenzhen is young and vigorous, and should be on the road. This game is about 4 mesh cheaper than the simple gas, but the huge trouble it left is that then Black is robbed in the upper left corner. At the time, White will never win! Because this hand gave Black a few more valuable robbing materials, Shen Zhenyi was for 4 games, and it was not worth the loss.

After doing all the preparations, Chen Yaozhen detonated the top left corner of the robbery. Interestingly, this is also the victory and defeat of the game that Nie Weiping Chess is more than 50 hands before, and I did not expect it to become a reality. In the lower right corner, Chen Yaoxuan became the robbery of the library. Shen Zhenzhen could not hold back the robbery. He gave up the lower right corner and robbed it in the upper left corner.

After the bureau, Chen Yaoxuan said that because the bottom right corner is too big, as many as 38 mesh The giant, after doing this conversion, his self-conscious situation has been reversed. Since then, in the closing of the official, Chen Yaoxuan still picked the most embarrassing practice, and did not give in at all. The winning percentage of White fell to 3%, which was simply terrible.

To 2017, Shen Zhenzhen admits defeat, Chen Yaozhen won the third world championship in his career (the first two world champions are Chunlan Cup, The Braun Cup) is among the top three champions in the World Series.