Du Feng is indispensable! Guangdong Hongyuan’s winning streak outside the Beijing team is already in full swing.

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Du Feng is indispensable! Guangdong Hongyuan’s winning streak outside the Beijing team is already in full swing.

2018-12-28 00:25:15 434 ℃

In the focus of the CBA this evening, Guangdong Hongyuan in the main scene against Beijing North, and ultimately rely on Yi Jianlian and Delaney's two pairs of performance, they 129-101 reversal defeated the opponent to win three Streak. This is Guangdong Hongyuan's continuous confrontation with Beijing. In the last game, they defeated Beijing Shougang to win a winning streak. Today's opponent is Beijing North Control, which has super foreign aid Jackson. After losing to Liaoning Bengang, Guangdong Hongyuan's status has not declined. Especially after Yi Jianlian's comeback, his status is quite good. Even in the case of draenei and other people, they can win a strong dialogue.

The first section of the controversial draenei scored for Guangdong Hongyuan to open the situation, then he and Zhao Rui's layup gave the home team a 6-0 start. However, Yang Jingmin’s three-pointer came soon. Wang Zheng made up the basket and Ren Junfei succeeded in eating the cake. However, with Jackson’s overtaking Hu Mingxuan’s success in the basket and Yu Liang’s CIC, Beijing Beijing’s first overtake. Scores, after the two entered a three-pointer, Beijing North Control led Guangdong Hongyuan 6 points, but in the final stage of the first quarter under the leadership of Meng Hao and Yi Jianlian, Guangdong Hongyuan narrowed the points difference, at the end of the first quarter they 26- 28 behind Beijing North Control.

The second quarter became a turning point in the game. Weimus and Zhou Peng are quite efficient, and Zhao Rui is still Baifa Baizhong, Zhou Peng's three-pointer made Guangdong Hongyuan expand its leading edge. As the back line of Weems received the dribbles from Delaney, Guangdong Hongyuan has already extended its advantage to more than 10 points. Although Yang Jingmin and Robinson also scored consecutively, it is clear that they can't resist the rapid counterattack and attack of Guangdong Hongyuan. At the end of the half, Guangdong Hongyuan 62-47 surpassed Beijing North Control.

In the third quarter, Robinson assisted Jackson with a three-pointer and draenei responded immediately. Peng hit his fourth three-pointer in this game and directly stopped Beijing North Control. Weis and Yi Jianlian also played continuously. Zhou Peng’s three-step flying basket was also very exciting. Yi Jianlian’s dunks made Guangdong Hongyuan With a 20-point lead, Ren Junfei also played well. In the three quarters, Guangdong Hongyuan has already led Beijing North Control with 98-79.

Guangdong Hongyuan does not relax in the last game because the difference between the two sides is also too large, plus Guangdong Hongyuan It was the home game, so there was not much opportunity for the visiting team to control the North. In the end, they defeated Beijing North Control at home to win a three-game winning streak.

The process of this game Du Feng must be very satisfied, the change process of the team from backward to overtaking is very Inferior, this is a bit like the first half of Shougang's first half. It is inevitable that a strong team will have a downturn, but it will definitely have to be adjusted in time. Now Guangdong Hongyuan has already done this. The point has been perfected, and Du Feng can be said to have contributed.