Zhejiang Guangsha overtime reversal in Shanghai! Li Chunjiang’s loud technical platform, Li Qiuping’s performance

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Zhejiang Guangsha overtime reversal in Shanghai! Li Chunjiang’s loud technical platform, Li Qiuping’s performance

2018-12-28 00:25:22 386 ℃

On December 27th, the competition between Shanghai and Zhejiang Guangsha was the focus of many fans. The difference between the two teams was not great. Guangsha had obvious fluctuations in the recent state, although Fordson and Hu Jinqiu They still have a good play, but before they lost to Shenzhen and Nanjing, the strength is not the top team, but their victory over Fujian has stopped the trend, which is very important for Li Chunjiang's guidance. The situation of the Shanghai Men's Basketball Team and Guangsha is somewhat similar. They were still ranked third, but they fell to the sixth position because of the record. In the end, the game was reversal, and they defeated the Shanghai men's basketball team with 127-119 through overtime.

The Shanghai men’s basketball team played quite well in the first quarter, although Hu Jinqiu got the first point in the game through free throws. Lin Zhijie also hit a three-pointer, but soon Zhang Zhaoxu layup and Fredette's inside out shots scored 10 points in a row, with Wang Hao receiving a pass from Fredette's pass, Shanghai Men The basket has established a double-digit lead. Luo Hanjun and Fredette also scored consecutively. Meng Lingyuan’s 24-second buzzer shot is also excellent. At the end of the first quarter, the Shanghai men’s basketball team has 37-17 lead Guangsha 20 There are more points.

In the second quarter, Scola continued to get 4 points to help Hu Shanghai expand its advantage, Fordson, Bolosi In the continuous three-pointer, Zhejiang Guangsha continued to chase points through three-pointers, but they still lag behind the score, Li Jinglong also has a good play. Shanghai's two foreign aids Scola and Fredette's cooperation is also in place. At the end of the half, the two sides will become 65-50 Shanghai team still leading.

The third quarter of Zhejiang Guangsha continued to chase points, Liu Wei and Bolosi hit a three-pointer, Hu Jinqiu's layup It was to make Guangsha 8-0 perfect start, Meng Lingyuan's outside shots stopped in a timely manner, but the opposite of Bolosi felt really good, with Li Jinglong's three-pointer into the bag Zhejiang Guangsha achieved a go-ahead. The Shanghai men's basketball team also scored consecutively under the leadership of Fredette and Rohan, but Bolosi can always find the opportunity to shoot three-pointers, and his status has been very good, Li Chunjiang's guidance is still noisy. Technical platform, the mood is very excited, Li Qiuping's guidance also has a national performance. In the three quarters, the two teams battled into the 87-85 Shanghai team.

The two sides of the game started a battle, and Luo Hanzhen was in good shape. Hu Jinqiu's basket was also very threatening. Fordson also started to work in the fourth quarter, but in the final stage, Lohan made a layup to help the Shanghai team equalize the score and 112-112 entered the overtime. Overtime became the stage for foreign aid performance. Fordson and Fredette confronted each other. In the end, Zhejiang Guangsha defeated Shanghai Hao in the away game.

The two coaches in this game are really stealing, whether Li Qiuping or Li Chunjiang are CBA merit coaches However, it is still a matter of course in the game, especially in the third quarter, their influence is really bad, so I hope that there will be less such behavior in the field of our CBA.