Yao Ming is helpless! Li Chunjiang was furious at the sidelines to eat technical fouls.

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Yao Ming is helpless! Li Chunjiang was furious at the sidelines to eat technical fouls.

2018-12-28 00:25:25 400 ℃

In a CBA focus battle that ended this evening, two strong teams met in Shanghai. In the end, Zhejiang Guangsha relied on the excellent play of Fordson and Hu Jinqiu to defeat Shanghai by overtime 127-119. Hey. The process of this game can be described by twists and turns. The Shanghai men's basketball team took 20 points ahead of Guangsha in the first quarter. After that, the advantage gradually became eroded. At the final stage of regular time, Luo Hanjun's layup was dragged into the overtime. Race. In the overtime, Fordson played almost perfect, and Shanghai regretted the big reversal of Guangsha and lost a good game.

The coach of the Shanghai team, Li Qiuping, was also interviewed after the end of the game, and the taste of the opponent was reversal. It is uncomfortable. Li Qiuping said that the team played very well in the first half today, but there was a clear problem in the defense at the beginning of the second half, which led to the rapid recovery of Guangsha. Later, Li Qiuping’s guidance also talked about the main reason for the loss: the rebound in the first half: we won 9 rebounds in the first half and 10 rebounds in the second half. The gap is that we lost nearly 20 rebounds in the second half. The Guangsha team won’t fight. There are two rebounds, so today's problem is mainly in rebounds.

Guangxia’s coach Li Chunjiang’s guidance is also quite stealing in this game, especially in the third quarter. At the end of the game, he violently thundered on the sidelines, and he also got a technical foul. But when we look back, what we saw was that Li Chunjiang’s guidance to the referee complained that the Shanghai team’s catching player had not passed the game for eight seconds. The referee was actually indifferent, so this time Li Chunjiang came to the side to complain, but regretted that After getting a positive response, Li Chunjiang was angry.

This time it seems that the culprit is indeed the referee of the CBA. Since there are regulations, it is necessary to abide by it, the Shanghai team player 8 It’s not true that the second has not passed the half of the party, and the referee is the first to have the anger of Li Chunjiang. During this period of time, the CBA referee's problem is estimated to make Yao Ming helpless. Almost every round of the referee will steal the mirror, whether it is a phone call or a penalty error, although this is only a few cases, the overall situation is relatively good, but now The CBA referee should really strengthen his business.