2018 of the women's volleyball girls: Zhu Tingwen, Yan Ni, Zeng Chunlei, Yuan Xinxiao

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2018 of the women's volleyball girls: Zhu Tingwen, Yan Ni, Zeng Chunlei, Yuan Xinxiao

2018-12-28 10:25:25 630 ℃

The year 2018 has come to an end. This year, for the Chinese women's volleyball team, there is both the joy of winning the Asian Games and the two championships in the World Championships. Italy's regret, of course, Li Yingying, Hu Mingyuan, Yang Hanyu and others who entered the national team for the first time, through this year's experience in the national team and Lang Ping's careful training, they have made significant progress, and all technologies have also been greatly improved. . At the end of the year, if the women's volleyball girls use a word to summarize the 2018 that is about to pass, what kind of answers will they give?

As the captain of the Chinese women's volleyball team, today's Zhu Ting, the burden on the shoulder is heavier, except for scoring once and for all On the court, she is also responsible for greeting teammates, dealing with the referee when encountering injustice, and sometimes playing a bridge between the head coach and the team members. "Stabilizing the overall situation and stabilizing the military. For me, stability is what I want most." Zhu Ting said in an interview. Yes, as the captain of the team, if you are in a mess, you will not only be affected, but will also affect the players around you. Zhu Ting has a clear positioning for himself. In 2018, Zhu Ting changed from the superstar on the court to the core of the team.

When Yan Ni used her words to summarize her 2018, the 31-year-old veteran wrote a " Difficult" word. In 2018, for Yan Ni, it was indeed a very difficult year. The injury became a roadblock for her career, but Yan Ni did not give up. In the World Championships, she played the level of the world's top superstars in the case of injury, and the "Best Offensive" award is her best way to praise. After the start of the league, Yan Ni missed the first stage of the classics, but due to the team's record of large fluctuations, Yan Ni was ordered to stage the return of the king. The 31-year-old Yan Ni is still old and strong, although her injuries are ruthless, but Yan Ni has overcome her injuries again and again with her strong perseverance.

Although Zeng Chunlei lost her main position in the national team, she still maintains an optimistic attitude, and she is also on the court. Never idle, remind Gong Xiangyu in time when problems are discovered. Although the national team is a direct competitor in the position, but the relationship between the two is very good, Zeng Chunlei is very happy to use his experience to help young players grow as soon as possible. "Contentment is always happy" is the mantra of Zeng Chunlei hanging on her lips. The smile on her face is the perfect portrayal of her optimistic attitude.

2018 is a controversial year for Yuan Xinyi, which is why she used "disastrous" to summarize 2018. the reason. As the main offensive attack of the Chinese women's volleyball team, Yuan Xinyi's state of this year has experienced relatively large ups and downs, especially the World Championships and the strong teams, let the fans see the gap between her and the world's top offensive. Of course, although Yuan Xinyi is already a "veteran" in the national team, she is only 22 years old. The state of the young players is very normal. I hope she can correct her attitude and not be affected by controversy.