George is out! Wei Shao 40+12+8 Thunderbolt

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George is out! Wei Shao 40+12+8 Thunderbolt

2018-12-29 18:33:17 787 ℃

The NBA regular season continues on December 29. On the Thunder, George missed because of injury! With the outstanding performance of Wei Shao, the Thunder defeated the Sun with 118-102 away!

The first quarter began, Wei Shao scored 2 points, Bridges retaliated with three points, Wei Shao made up the basket, Ayton made up the hit, Ferguson layup, Wei Shao took two points, Booker made three free throws. Both sides came to me to score each other. In the last minute, the Thunder played 4-0 to lead the first quarter with 36-29 lead 7 points.

The next quarter, Josh Jackson made two free throws, Felton cast a shot, Bridges dunk! Nadlian scored 5 points and the Sun played a 7-0 lead over 1 point! In the latter half of the game, the two sides played a variety of irons and scored. At halftime, the Thunder led by 58-57.

Easy to fight again, Ayton jumper succeeded, Warren scored 4 points, Wei Shao made up the basket, Bridges hit a three-pointer! Thunder hit a 9-0 lead over 3 points! Booker quickly retaliated with a wave of 7-0! Then the two sides scored each other, three quarters of the game, the sun with a 84-81 go-ahead 3 points!

The last quarter starts, the Thunder starts to worry! Schroeder scored 7 points! Crawford scored 2 points, Patterson hit a hook! The Thunder is a wave of 31-11 lead to 17 points! Ayton made up the basket and Bridges hit a three-pointer, but there was not much time left! The sun replaced the main force to announce the abandonment of the game! In the end, the Thunder defeated the Sun away.

Thunder, Wei Shao 40 points, 12 boards and 8 assists, Schroder 20 points and 6 assists, Grant 12 points and 8 boards, Adams 12 points and 13 boards, Nader 18 points and 5 boards

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The Sun side, Booker 25 points, 7 boards and 10 assists, Ayton 16 points and 9 boards, Warren 19 points and 2 boards, Bridges 13 points