Who said that Evergrande is going to be cool? After carefully analyzing the new policy of the Football Association, it is the best time for the Super League to rebound!

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Who said that Evergrande is going to be cool? After carefully analyzing the new policy of the Football Association, it is the best time for the Super League to rebound!

2018-12-29 18:33:20 418 ℃

For the Super League, which has become accustomed to enjoying high subsidies in the capital hotbed, the 2018 Football Association's new policy is like a flood of beasts, so that the major clubs cut spending this winter, and the hot transfer market in the past has become extremely deserted. Although the New Deal of the Football Association has come a long way, the Super League locals can't adapt to it for a while. But this kind of fierce drug will come sooner or later, and the violent investment behind the teams in the past years is also necessary to suppress, the New Deal should give support to make the Chinese football professional league more reasonable and healthier.

Hengda has been the first to take the championship in Shanghai this year because of its "7 consecutive championships" After that, how to revenge and regain the hegemony has become the object of media and fans. However, because of the advent of the New Deal, Evergrande was helpless at the moment. The "Christmas gift" brought to the fans in previous years has disappeared this year. Evergrande wants to get the 8th Super League champion? The answer must be yes. How about the method? Perhaps Evergrande is also thinking about this issue.

Hengda relies on Yulin, Li Xuepeng, Zeng Cheng, Zheng Zhi and other veterans to go to today, can say The local configuration of the national foot has become an important magic weapon for Evergrande to win the championship. It has been tried and tested in previous years. Therefore, in recent years, Evergrande has targeted the young internationals every year. Last year, Evergrande officially announced that Tang Shi, Yang Liyu and Deng Hanwen joined the team. The meaning of Evergrande is very clear: Replace fresh blood for the future of the team! Joining Evergrande's entry barrier is only the international.

But the charm and uniqueness of the sport of football is here. The status and ability of the players have changed all the time. In the end, Deng Hanwen only stood firm in the first half of the year. Tang Shi and Yang Liyu The status is even more embarrassing, and can only rely on policy to play in very few games. The progress of Evergrande's blood transfusion has obviously not progressed. How to do it in the future, there is still no answer.

In addition to strengthening the training of U23 players in various clubs, the New Deal is more decisive in limiting the number of clubs each year. Billion of overhead. This is especially fatal for Evergrande! But the New Deal is fair. Evergrande’s opponents, including Shanghai Port, Guoan, Luneng, etc., are also subject to restrictions. Local tyrants can no longer trade banknotes to buy young players or big-name foreign aid. Under the "internal promotion." What is the competitiveness of each team in the next competition? Nature is the original accumulation. If you refine it, the competition is the core foreign aid of each light department. From this point of view, Evergrande actually has an advantage.

It’s not difficult to see from the domestic media that Evergrande is basically determined to be next to Paulinho And Tulska to create a team for the center, and these two players have a very high salary, in the case of foreign aid salary changes, it is necessary to reduce the salary of domestic players, otherwise it may touch the "expenditure cap "limits. This kind of law is in line with the status quo of most Chinese Super League teams. If you want to stand firm under the new policy of the Football Association, older local players who do not have sustained combat effectiveness can only reduce their wages and even remove them from the club's registration list...

It can be expected that all Super League teams will face a major change in the exchange, and the only constant change of each team is foreign aid.

From the 18th year of the second half of the season, Paulinho and Taliska joined Evergrande to bring big waves "Let's really fragrant," they used data and performance to prove that they are "super foreign aid" in the Super League. It is no exaggeration to regard the two people as the strongest foreign aid in the Super League! Other teams may want to compete with Evergrande for foreign aid. There may be some gaps. Since the local team ushered in a collective exchange of blood next season, only retaining the lineup of core foreign aid, then Evergrande has the greatest advantage! The two strongest foreign aids of the Super League stayed at Evergrande, and Xu Jiayin invited Cannavaro to develop outstanding young players. Think carefully, this moment is the best chance for Evergrande to change blood!

Dou Yu’s "Shu Shu Fu" has a cloud: "The gentleman abandons his talents and pulls his talents. Full quality." Evergrande really reached the best moment for the strong man to break his wrist! Can the older internationals in the team collectively call 38-year-old like Zheng Zhi? I think everyone knows the correct answer. With the presence of Paulinho and Taliska, clearing the older players to replace more young players, Evergrande has the capital to do this, but also give yourself more opportunities in the future!