4 slow mirror to see Liaoning reversing the two details of Beijing, Guo Ailun behind the blowout, the merits of one person?

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4 slow mirror to see Liaoning reversing the two details of Beijing, Guo Ailun behind the blowout, the merits of one person?

2019-01-02 09:03:45 402 ℃

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With the last 12 seconds, Liaoning 89-86 defeated Beijing to lock 16 consecutive victories. In addition to the weak points, there are still facts that can't be ignored: Hudson's three points and eight points, Guo Ailun's 4 points, the team's 24 shots are only 5, and the hit rate is only 20.8%. Well, the Liaoning three-point brigade It was defended by Beijing. The game was still three minutes away from the half. Liaoning had 13 points behind 31-44. How did the team complete the reversal? 5 slow mirror to see two details, Guo Ailun blowout is behind the merits of one person.

Bath 24 points, 7 rebounds and 2 steals

First half 6 In the third quarter, Guo Ailun began to find the feel. In this section, he scored 8 points. He also used excellent control ability to activate Bass to help him score 10 points in a single quarter, plus the effect of Gao Shiyan’s 5 points. Hudson's three points and breakthrough, if this Liaoning hit a 28-20 counterattack, to enter the final battle with 66, pay attention, Guo Shiqiang's details change.

In the past, the end of the Liaoning War will be played in the first half of the week, and then Guo Shiqiang will go directly to Hudson Shebas, and the expected effect will come. The change is as follows:

Fang Shuo 24-second violation

Li Xiaoxu Good entangled Fang Shuo, so that Beijing attacked 24 seconds violation, um, Liaoning also has suffocating defense, and Hudson is an indispensable important element. If Teacher Yang said, "Hudson's defense is the most promising of all foreign aids," so Dahan and Li Xiaoxu are in the middle, Hudson, Guo Ailun and Gao Shiyan are surrounded by three people. The three-point end of Beijing’s murder is only Only three tablets.

Guo Desen’s wonderful biography of Korea

When defensive can curb Beijing’s offense, turn to the offensive end Success rate and enthusiasm, ah, Hudson has a three-point threat as long as he stands on the court. He still has three times: he can’t make a small attack and can rebound aggressively to get a second attack. A small throwing hit; he is strong and strong, his right hand is a good pass to Dahan, the latter is heavily buckled; the right side of the 45-degree angle and Guo Ailun play back, Guo Shao hits the ground Hudson easily picks the basket, Well, the three-pointed killing is also a threat to Hudson.

Guo Allen has no solution

Had Sen's lethality made Beijing have to take care of it. Guo Ailun was liberated, and then the picture was presented: Guo Ailun succeeded in the middle distance, helping Li Xiaoxu respond to Wang Xu's three points, crossing the fake fax on the defense line to help Hudson run back. The basket, offensive rebounds and back-ups, combined with the final score of the eighth quarter, killed the game.

Dahan shows the dominance of the paint area

Need to say a bit more, Guo Shiqiang dare not to use Bath, stemming from the team has Han Dejun this inside rule. In terms of the last quarter, his baskets, heavy buttons and two free throws, the defensive end also used a tall body to cover the paint area, which is the top priority for Liaoning to complete the reversal.

The final moment of this game is the final moment of Guo Shiqiang’s formation. After Hudson replaced Bath, the defensive end Hudson has the effect of connecting inside and outside, Liaoning. The iron net covered the Beijing attack; on the offensive end, Hudson actively and combed the Beijing defense, so Guo Ailun was finally liberated, killing the game in the last 8 points.