Premier League-Salah's point shot at Fermino missed Liverpool's 1-0 defeat at Brighton

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Premier League-Salah's point shot at Fermino missed Liverpool's 1-0 defeat at Brighton

2019-01-13 09:01:35 475 ℃

Live broadcast on January 13, 2019 Beijing time, 23:00 p.m. on January 12, 2018-2019, the 22nd round of the English Premier League season continued, Liverpool toured American Express Community Stadium to challenge Brighton. The first half of the game was a little dull, and neither side had an absolute chance to score. In the second half of the game, Salah shot to break the deadlock, before the end, Salah missed a good chance to expand the score. Eventually, Liverpool's 1-0 away game at Brighton swept away two consecutive defeats in all competitions.

With the passage of time into 2019, Liverpool first lost to their direct rivals in the League key battles, resulting in a close lead in the championship, followed by a cold outing in the FA Cup against Wolves. Liverpool, which suffered two consecutive defeats in the New Year, urgently need a victory to get the team back on track. Liverpool can't afford to lose when they challenge Brighton in this tournament. If they lose points on the road again, the Red Army's leading edge will probably be narrowed down again by Manchester City, which are keen to see behind them. On the other hand, Brighton ranked 13th after the 21 rounds of the league. It was difficult for Brighton to win against Liverpool, which had the dominant strength at home. For starters, Salah, Fermino and Manet all appeared, while Milner was on standby.

At the 3rd minute of the start of the game, Robertson's left low-level ball went to the penalty area, and the ball was cleared by the defender first. One minute later, Locadia grabbed the ball from the front and Bogg crossed the ball from the left to the penalty area. Fabio, who was in place, kicked the ball out of the sideline. In the seventh minute, Van Dick midfielder delivered a long overhead pass with the ball. David Button was fully prepared to take the ball out steadily.

In the 8th minute, Arnold's right-sided 45-degree pass came back and the ball was confiscated by David Barton again. One minute later, Liverpool missed a good chance to score. Robertson broke through on the left and swept the ball into the hinterland of the penalty area. Fermino, who was beaten in front of the goal, slowed down a little and slipped through the goal.

in the 10th minute, Arnold intercepted the defensive player's free-kick from the front field and sent out the straight plug, but Shakiri's stop in the front was wrong and the ball went straight out of the baseline. In the 12th minute, Liverpool played smoothly in front, but Henderson's forward pass was finally cleared by the defender. One minute later, after the left side of Locadia cooperated with his teammates to kick the wall, he chose to shoot directly with his left foot, and the ball was blocked by the defender's body. In the 14th minute, Liverpool kicked out the set-piece from the front court, Salah and Fermino collided against the wall and then put the ball to the right side of the penalty area. David Barton decisively hit the ball and put it in his arms. One minute later, Gross crossed the ball 45 degrees from the right to the penalty area. Locadia, in the front of the small penalty area, headed the ball, and the ball was over the crossbar.

In the 17th minute, Maggie's backcourt handball suddenly sent out a long pass in an attempt to find the space behind Liverpool. Alison concentrated and decisively intercepted the ball. One minute later, Robertson was knocked down in the midfield scramble. The referee whistled for a foul and gave him a verbal warning. In the 23rd minute, Fermino gave a light overhead plug after he got the ball before the arc top, but the ball was cleared by the defender.

In the 26th minute, the ball was pushed forward in the middle of Manet, Arnold tried to cross after smashing the defender on the right, Shakiri in the front of the small penalty area threw his head to attack the goal, and the ball was off the left baseline.

In the 29th minute, the Propel midfielder took a slight observation of the ball and delivered a fierce direct stopper, but the corresponding Gross started slightly slowly and the ball went straight out of the sideline. In the 33rd minute, after Propel got the ball in the front court, he took it to the forbidden area. Arnold came back to the defensive position and cleared the ball out of the sideline. In the 35th minute, Mane's left rib and Salah made a one-two pass. Henderson headed the ball near the penalty spot and the ball was blocked by the defender's body.

39 minutes, the March midfielder sent out a long-pass to find the front-inserted Locadia, but at this time the linesman also raised the flag to indicate that Locadia was offside. In the 42nd minute, Brighton crossed the ball to the penalty area on the right side of the front court, and Fabio headed the ball in the front of the small penalty area.

Half-court ended and the two sides drew 0-0 for the time being.

< p> Yi-bian remained in play for 46 minutes. Locadia crossed the ball from the left to the penalty area. Borg on the right side of the penalty area followed up the header and the ball was easily confiscated by Alison. One minute later, Liverpool launched a quick counter-attack. Salah broke through the penalty area with the ball and then shot low with his left foot. The ball was confiscated by Button.

In the 49th minute, Gross pulled the ball from behind in the Salah penalty area, and the referee did not hesitate to whistle and point to the penalty spot. Liverpool got a good chance of penalty kick. One minute later, Liverpool broke the deadlock! Salah volleyed a penalty kick vigorously. Although David Barton judged the direction of the opponent, he could not prevent the ball from entering the net. Liverpool led Brighton 1-0.


in the 54th minute, Arnold's right low level ball swept into the restricted area, and the ball was cleared after Stephens intercepted. In the 57th minute, the Bretton midfielder sent out a diagonal straight plug to launch a counter-attack, but the right-hand-inserted Marge took a little slower, and the ball was intercepted by Van Dick. One minute later, March's right low flat ball went into the penalty area. Gross pushed the ball forward near the penalty spot. The ball was blocked by Fabio. Then Van Dick released the ball with his big foot. In the 60th minute, March's right pass was cleared from the restricted area by Fabio, and Stephens, who followed up from the outside, volleyed the ball vigorously in front of the ball. The ball was off the right column.

in the 65th minute, Brighton made two substitution adjustments at the same time, Andoney and Knowkell came out to replace Murray and Marge respectively. In the 68th minute, Locadia cut the ball from the left side and started to shoot long distance. Alison struggled to get the ball out of the baseline.

69 minutes, Brighton's two consecutive corners did not pose a threat to Liverpool. In the 72nd minute, Liverpool made a change and Milner came on as a substitute for Shakiri. One minute later, Liverpool's right set-piece from the front court was hoisted into the penalty area. Manet touched the ball at the front but did not form an attack. The defender then kicked the ball out of the bottom line first. In the 75th minute, after Fermino's midway drive, he suddenly started to shoot vigorously. The ball was blocked by David Button, who was in excellent position. In the 78th minute, Borg crossed the ball from the left side. Andoney grabbed the ball in the forbidden area and chose to shoot in the air before Alison attacked. The ball missed the left column.

80 minutes, Salah forbidden area attracted defense before passing the ball to the top of the arc, Wienerdum turned the ball and directly started to shoot low, the ball slightly off the right column.

In the 87th minute, Ma Nei started to shoot long after advancing in the front field, and the ball hit the defender's body and went out of the left baseline. One minute later, a reverse triangle near Milner's left baseline was returned, and the unmarked Salah shot in front of the door was off the left column. Liverpool missed a good chance to expand the score.

92 minutes of makeup time, Brighton's left-pass created chaos in Liverpool's penalty area, Arnold rushed out first to destroy the ball in the chaotic battle. At the end of the four-minute stoptime, the referee blew the whistle at the end of the game. Ultimately, Liverpool away 1-0 Rick Brighton. <

Liverpool start: 13-Allison, 26-Robertson, 4-Van Dick, 3-Fabio, 66-Arnold, 5-Venal Dum, 3-Fabio, 3-Fabio, 66-Arnold, 5-Venal Dum, 14-Henderson, 23-Shaqiri (72'7-Milner), 10-Mannenenenenenene10 (90'8-Nabi-Kaita), 11-Salah (90+4'27-Origi 90+4'), 9-Fermino


: 32-Martip, 22-Minho, 22-Minho, 18-18-18-Joe

< P > Brighton starters: 27-David Button, 22-Montoya, 4-Duffy, 5-Dunk, 3-Borg, 20-S-Mach (65'11-Knowkel), 13-Gross (79'7-Kayale), 6-Stephens, 24-Propel, 9-Locadia, 17-Murray (65'10-Andoney)

< p> No substitute: 41-Sanders, 14-Balogon, 23-Jason-Steele, 2-Bruno