Coppa Italia: Milan 2-0 win over Sampdoria and advance to the top 8 Cutronegar time with two goals

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Coppa Italia: Milan 2-0 win over Sampdoria and advance to the top 8 Cutronegar time with two goals

2019-01-13 09:01:35 459 ℃
< p > At 1:00 a.m. Beijing time on January 13, there was a contest in the final of the Italian Cup 1/8. Sampdoria played AC Milan at home.

< p> In the first half, the two sides exchanged white papers with each other, and the two teams did not succeed in fighting again at Yibian.

Conventional Time Warfare, Sampdoria 0-0 AC Milan.

In the second and second half of the overtime match, Kuttrone scored one goal each. AC Milan went away to Sampdoria 2-0 to qualify for the next round of the Italian Cup.

[Highlights of the Match]

First Show, Pakta joined by Winter Window ushered in the team's first game

still depressed, although a victory ended in December, Milan seemed to have no improvement in the first game of the New Year

Magic Boy, when Kutronega substitutes entered the second half of the game to help the team retreat all over the body

< p> < b>. The goalkeeper confiscated Castilleho's long-range shot in the 9th minute.

24 minutes, Quagliarella long-range shot caused Rena to drop his hand, and Caparani's supplementary shot did not kick.

40th minute, Pakta midfielder rushed to the ball and pulled a little.

In the 43rd minute, Iguain hit the door from a small angle.

59 minutes, Ramirez headed wide.

In the 67th minute, the goalkeeper seized the long-range shot from Chalkhan Olu.

69 minutes. In Castilleho's pass, Pakta did not touch the ball at the front of the ball, and the point cushion shot after Chalkhanolu did not hit within the goal range.

In the 75th minute, Higuain scored but was offside before catching the ball.

In the 78th minute, the door in Quagliarella forbidden area was hit on the sideline.

79 minutes, Sabonara slipped through the door at a small angle.

Both sides entered overtime at the end of regular-time competition. < p > < p > 93 minutes, the Ekdal restricted area is close to the door.

98 minutes, the Sabonara push was blocked by Reynolds.

99 minutes, after Kounatsky hit the goal, Reyna pressed it on the goal line.

103 minutes, Konty's cross, Kutrone burst the door! Sampdoria 0-1AC Milan.

108 minutes, long-pass precise guidance of Chalkhanolu, Kurtrone does not stop the ball to hang the next city! Sampdoria 0-2AC Milan. <<



AC Milan: <25-Reina; 20-Abatt (99'12-Contti 99'), 17-Sapatta, 13-Roma 13-Romaniarioriorioriorioli, 68-Ricardo Rodriguez; 79-Casey, 14-Bacaryoko, 14-Barca, 39-parparko, 39-11, 39-11-11-(91'63-Kutrone), 9-Iguain (110) '93-Laksolt', 10-Chalkhanolu

< p > Sampdoria: 33-Raphael; 29-Muru, 3-Anderson, 26-Tonelli, 7-Sarah; 16-Linetti (21'14-Yangketo), 6-Ekdal, 10-Plait; 17-Kapalani (94'92-De Freire), 11-Lamires (77'5-Sabonala), 27-Qualiarrera (95'99-Konarski)