Madexing: Expanding the Army and Filling the Asian Cup with Water!

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Madexing: Expanding the Army and Filling the Asian Cup with Water!

2019-01-22 17:12:35 414 ℃

The 36 matches of the 17th Asian Cup Group Competition in 2019 have all ended on January 17, and all the 16 top players entering the knockout stage have been produced. Starting from the 20th, the 16th Strong started to fight for the seats of the 8th Strong, which will be all over today (22nd) evening. From the end of the whole group match, although the Asian Football Federation, the Organizing Committee and even the people from all walks of life are cheering for the expansion of the Asian Cup, it does not mean that the strength of the whole Asian football world is still clear, although the team level of some countries and regions has improved, but it is impossible to shake the status of the original strong team in the short term. Moreover, enlargement actually further lowered the grade and level of Asian Cup to a certain extent.

1. The expansion itself has not improved the level of

But in fact, it is also because of the expansion of the Asian Cup to 24 teams, so that there is no surprise during the whole group match . As Lippi, head coach of the Chinese team, said when asked about his views on the overall situation of the Asian Cup group match before he played for South Korea, "In my opinion, there is only one unexpected result so far, that is, Jordan's victory over Australia, and all the other strong teams should win and can win. All of them have won, and there is no particularly abnormal result." This is also a representative view.

precisely because the strength of the 24 teams in the Asian Cup is very distinct after the enlargement. Therefore, after the two rounds of the Asian Cup, the most typical one is that eight teams in the fourth group from the third group to the sixth group did not get a point, all of which accumulated zero points, and the first two teams in the ranking are the seed team and the sixth group. The second-tier teams are all winners of the two battles and lock in the team's right of entry in advance. Comparatively speaking, only the first group and the second group have some suspense, because the second class Thai team in the first group has accidentally lost to the third class Indian team, while the second group's seed team Australia team unexpectedly lost to the fourth class Jordan team, which gives the two groups some perspective. However, judging from the team that finally reached the top 16, the team that participated in the first and second stage of the Asian Cup finals, namely the 12 teams that participated in the 12 finals of the Russian World Cup qualifying tournament, only the first team of Syria failed to enter the knockout tournament, replaced by Jordan, while all the other 11 teams were promoted. In fact, it also reflects from a < strong > side that the expansion of the Asian Cup is of little significance, at least from the technical and tactical point of view, and does not fundamentally improve the technical and tactical level of the whole Asian Cup . In addition, we can also see the fact that among the eight eliminated teams, Turkmenistan, Philippines, Yemen, North Korea and the other four eliminated teams, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and India, are not the traditional strong teams, or even the second-class teams. To some extent, these teams probably shouldn't be in the Asian Cup. Of course, Syria may be an exception, which is closely related to the current chaotic situation in Syria and the chaotic management of the Football Association, such as the name of the successor coach announced in the official Facebook of the Syrian Football Association when he lost to Jordan in the second round and declared that German coach Stench was over, is not the same as the coach who actually went to the United Arab Emirates to fight the fire. Single. Although this is a minor episode, we can see the current chaos in Syrian football. However, this is an off-topic, not the focus of this article.

2, and the loopholes in the competition schedule leave room for operation
On the other hand, because of the expansion of the Asian Cup, there are four teams in each group, besides the first two in each group, with the best results. Three people can also get access to the line. Such a competition system, to some extent, makes the fairness and impartiality of the game suspected by the outside world, especially in the last round of competition. Because of the rules of departure and the schedule, the more the group is divided into the latter group, the more advantageous it will be. For example, the second group of Palestinians failed to defeat Jordan in the last round and got only two points, so they had to continue to suffer because there was no way to determine whether they could qualify. However, the team in the latter group soon won one game, scored three points, and even surpassed the Palestinian team. So the Palestinians soon had to go home early.

However, this is not the most important. What is really worth noting is that, like Lebanon in Group 5 and Oman in Group 6, we can make sure that we can get the score we want before the game. Because of the schedule, the third level team and the fourth level team meet in the last round. In theory, the third level team wins is normal. Because the previous group's matches are over, the team's net victory is clear at a glance, and the team that finally plays, of course, only need to calculate the net victory goal, can complete this operation in actual combat. For example, in the first 83 minutes, Oman was 1-1 unbeatable with Turkmenistan, but in the twinkling of an eye, they were 2-1 ahead. Subsequently, the score was rewritten to 3:1 in 3 minutes at injury time. The result means that Oman has won and lost four goals, with a net win of 0. It has surpassed Vietnam, which finished the game the day before, and become the third team in the third place in the group. That is to say, it has ensured the right to play.

and in the last game, Lebanon and North Korea were "divine operations". In the 80th minute, Lebanon changed the score to 3-1 by penalty kick and 4-1 in the 8th minute of injury time. As a result, Lebanon and Vietnam won and lost 4-5 and scored - 1 goals. In the end, Vietnam narrowly missed Lebanon by two red and yellow cards and became the last team to enter the top 16. Before the game, the author had guessed that the score was 4-0, but did not expect North Korea to score a goal first, the final result was 4-1! Because of this, Vietnamese media in Vietnam team after the line-up, very "thank" the Korean team "help"!

Of course, there is no reason to accuse these games of being "fake ball" and "manipulated" before the game. However, the final result is exactly in line with the pre-match expectations, which may leave unlimited imagination space for people. To some extent, should we make some adjustments in the overall schedule when the Asian Cup continues to maintain 24 teams? For example, in the World Cup, a "lot" procedure has been added to the group lottery, that is, the second-level team does not necessarily enter the "two places" of each group, but needs to draw lots between the "two places" and the "four places". This also avoids the last round of the World Cup group tournament is all between the third and fourth level teams, and avoids the situation that the score can be calculated completely before the tournament. I'm afraid this will need to be studied and determined by the Asian Cup Organizing Committee and the Asian Football Federation Competition Committee.

However, during this Asian Cup, there is a controversy with the issue of military expansion, that is, whether the Asian Cup is better scheduled for January or for June and July. Western Asian football players believe that January is actually more conducive to East Asian teams, while East Asian football clubs believe that January is even more disadvantageous to themselves, because the < strong > season just ended, immediately ushered in such an important event as the Asian Cup, all aspects of the preparation seems hasty, unable to better prepare for the .

3. Expansion is only conducive to promotion and commerce
However, from the perspective of the Asian Football Federation, it may be another point of view, because promotes the football development of these small football weak countries and regions. The national team can appear on the highest level stage in Asia, and will undoubtedly play a positive role in popularizing and improving the level of football in their own territory . As these teams said after leaving the United Arab Emirates, "This is the first time that we have participated in such a competition. The result of winning or losing is not the most important. What is important is that we can come here and have more opportunities to communicate with Asian teams. This is a rare experience and experience for our future development." Philippine goalkeeper Falksgard spoke so bluntly before leaving the UAE.

A fact that has to be said is that due to the expansion of the Asian Cup, the attendance of the tournament should exceed expectations . Because after the United Arab Emirates won the right to host the Asian Cup, the biggest concern of all parties is the attendance rate. According to the figures released by the Organizing Committee of the Asian Cup, in the first stage