The world famous volleyball website selected the best female volleyball player of the year. Zhu Ting was attacked by three major relays

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The world famous volleyball website selected the best female volleyball player of the year. Zhu Ting was attacked by three major relays

2019-01-22 17:12:38 1272 ℃
< p > 2018 is over and a brand new 2019 is coming! Worldof Volley's annual voting campaign for the best female volleyball player has begun again. How many of the best female volleyball players were selected in 2018?

Zhu Ting: The main player of Chinese women's volleyball team, currently serving at Turkey's Wachever Bank Club;

2018 is absolutely a glorious year for Zhu Ting. In the club competition, Zhu Ting won the Turkish League Championship in 2018, the European Women's Volleyball Championship Championship Championship Championship Championship Championship Championship, the Women's Volleyball World Club Championship Championship Championship Championship Championship Championship Championship; in the Chinese Women's Volleyball National Team Competition, Zhu Ting won the second place of the 2018 World League, the Asian Games Championship Champi Good main attack, World Club Cup best main attack and MVP. It was also her fifth consecutive year as the best female volleyball player.

Boskovic: Serbian women's volleyball team is now playing in the Ithachbashi Club of Turkey;

2018 women's Volleyball World championship, Serbia women's volleyball team entered the finals for the first time in history and won the third consecutive championships after the 2015 World Cup and the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. The 3-2 attack against Italy finally broke the window paper and won the first world championship, becoming the seventh team to win the championship podium in the world championship after the former Soviet Union (Russia), Japan, Cuba, China, Italy and the United States. Serbian women's volleyball champion Boskovic won the MVP of the 2018 women's Volleyball World championship.

Agnu: Italian women's volleyball team takes over and is currently serving the Novara Club in Italy;

In 2018, Agnu became famous in World Women's Volleyball and quickly became a shining new star in the world women's volleyball arena. In the semi-finals of the World Championship, Egnu almost beat the Chinese women's volleyball team by herself. She cut a record of 45 points in a single match of the World Championship. In the competition with Serbia women's volleyball team for the championship, although the Italian women's volleyball team lost, Egnu still cut 33 points to become the champion of the final, after which Egnu was elected the best match in the world championship with the best performance.

Slotjes: Dutch women's volleyball team, currently in the Turkish Vachever Bank Club;

Slotjes is one of the three major relays of the world women's volleyball team. The Dutch women's volleyball team has locked in the top four ahead of time in the 2018 World Championship and set a new team history after the 2016 Rio Olympics. As the number one player in the team, Slotjes has made an impressive performance, ranking third in scoring, spiking and serving lists in the first two stages. The total score was 146 points, only 4 points less than Italy's first-place acceptance of Egnu; the defending champion was successfully blocked by 38 points in the Sixth Championship against the United States.

Racic: Serbian women's volleyball assistant attack, currently serving at Turkey's Vachever Bank Club;

If Juting is the best main attack harvester, then Racic is the best assistant harvester, and the best assistant attack in all competitions is soft! Racic is the iron wall of the field, and she was elected the best assistant attack along with Yanni of the Chinese women's volleyball team at the 2018 Women's Volleyball World Championship. She has also won the best assists in the World Cup and the Olympic Games, and she has also won the best assists in the Champions League and the Club World Cup on behalf of the club. Racic is absolutely the first assistant offender in women's volleyball in the world today.

Worldof Volley this year's best female volleyball player vote, as the main attacker of the Chinese women's volleyball team Zhu Ting suffered from the world's three major echoes of the attack, but now Zhu Ting's votes far more than several others, to become the best votes on the Worldof Volley website should not be much suspense, fans like Zhu Ting can also go to the Worldof Volley site to vote for Zhu Ting! <<


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