King's Cup-Messi's triple-goal Cuckoo Double Sound Barcelona 6-1 reverses Sevilla's promotion

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King's Cup-Messi's triple-goal Cuckoo Double Sound Barcelona 6-1 reverses Sevilla's promotion

2019-01-31 10:25:11 247 ℃
< p > On January 31, Beijing Time, 04:30, the first round of the 1/4 final of the King's Cup, Barcelona played against Sevilla at the Nou Camp Stadium, losing 2 goals away from Barcelona in the first round.

In the first half, Messi made a point, Cuckoo hit, Silesen made a point, Lakitic broke the door. Change borders and fight again. Cutinio and Roberto scored two goals in a minute, Arana pulled back a city, and Suarez and Messi scored two more goals.

After the whole match, Barcelona defeated Sevilla 6-1 and reached the semi-finals with a total score of 6-3. < p > < p > < b > < highlights of the competition < / b > < / P > < p > < p > after the strike! After losing two goals in the first round, Barcelona returned home to win four goals and knock out their opponents.

Three balls by oneself! Messi made penalties in the first half and helped the team win by passing and shooting in the second half.

Fight back! Lakitic scored against the old owner.

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Before the game, the whole audience mourned the death of former Barcelona player Francisco Sampero.

7th minute, Atul did it back near the right baseline, Messi's right foot shot was blocked by the defender after adjusting the spike.

12 minutes, tripping Messi in the Promis restricted area was sentenced to death. Subsequently, Cuttino did it overnight. Barcelona 1-0 Sevilla!

In the 18th minute, the right foot pocket shot near Messi's forbidden zone line was photographed by Soliano's palms. < p > < p > < p > < p > < p > < p > 24 minutes, foul delivery point in Pick's restricted area. Subsequently, Barnega's penalty kick was rejected by Siraison!

31 minutes, Artur precise collimation, Lakitic anti-offside front plug easy to break the door, Barcelona 2-0 Seville!

39th minute, Messi's right free kick hit the goal higher than the crossbeam.

53rd minute, Suarez's right-hand pass, Cutinio bent his mallet twice, Barcelona 3-0 Sevilla!

54th minute, Messi cut the ball in the right way, Roberto's forbidden area right-foot shot shot in the far corner, Barcelona 4-0 Sevilla!

67 minutes, Cutinio's pass hit Carisol in the arm, the referee ignored.

68 minutes, Silesen missed the clearance and gave the ball to his opponent. Sevilla transferred the ball to the left side and fired it back from Arana's left foot to a city. Barcelona 4-1 Seville!

74th minute, Suarez knocked selflessly in the left forbidden area, Messi's left foot knocked on the door was dissolved by Soliano.

82th minute, Messi delicately selected, and the right foot in Roberto's forbidden area was projected higher than the crossbeam.

89 minutes, Alba left swept the ball in front of the door, Suarez cut the back point, Barcelona 5-1 Sevilla!

injury stop-time stage, Barcelona passed one foot in a row, Messi pushed through the door with his left foot, Barcelona 6-1 Sevilla!

Since then, neither side has scored a goal. After the whole match, Barcelona went to Sevilla 6-1 at home, with a total score of 6-3. <


Barcelona: 13-Silaisen; 18-Alba, 3-Pique, 15-Langlai, 20-Roberto; 4-Lakitic (76'22-Bidar), 5-Buscotts, 8-Atul (90'21-Alenia), 7-CuCutinino (81'2-Semeido), 8-Atul (90'21-Alenia), 7-CuCutinino (81'2-Semido); 9-Suarearez, 10-Messi, 10-Messi, 10-10-Messi, 10-Messi, 10-Messi13-Soliano; 3-Cypriot Ergi-Gomez, 4-Simon-Kyle, 6-Carisol, 23-Arana (84'41-Gill); 7-Mesa (77'22-Franco-Basques), 5-Amadou, 10-Banega (77'9-Benedel), 21-Promez; 12-Andre-Silva, 17-Salavia