Zhu Ting switches freely to the main attack. Wakifu Bank 3-0 double, the Netherlands takes over the top scorer

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Zhu Ting switches freely to the main attack. Wakifu Bank 3-0 double, the Netherlands takes over the top scorer

2019-01-31 10:25:12 193 ℃
< p > From the 2018-2019 season to the 16th round of the Women's Dump Super League, Wakifu Bank captured Eden City 3-1 in four rounds at home. This is the defending champion's season double-win after the 5th round of relocation to 3-0 away rounds. It is also following Turkish Airlines 3-1, 3-0 Chanakale and Ankara Expressway, 3-2 Likebsiktas, 3-0 victory over Fenerbache and Galatasa. Lei Hou won seven consecutive victories, while Zhu Ting and Slotjes, the Dutch scorer, scored 16 and 22 points respectively.

Wakifo Bank 3-1 Eden City (25-22, 25-14, 23-25, 25-11)

Wakifo Bank is Guidetti (Italy) in charge of the whip, launched to take over Slotjes No. 10 (Netherlands), Jutin No. 5 (China) and Robinson No. 7 (United States), Vice-attack No. 6 Akman and No. 18 Gunnesh, Ezbai No. 3 and Freeman No. 9 Akacs, "Fake Boy" No. 15 Karakurt replaced two points for three points in the first game, Zhu Ting took over in the second and third games, and Zhu Ting returned to the main attack in the fourth game after a brief guest-in in the third game.

In the first inning, Eiden would lose 2 points because of Alisoy jumping off the net and Lopez firing, Martinez-B was attacked by the counter-wheel but was broken to 1-3 by Slotjes, Wakifu Bank scored 2 points in three consecutive times after Judith detaining and Gunness blocking Martinez-B. After the Armistice of Eden Metropolitan, Zhu Ting intercepted Lopez again to 6-1. Robinson lost 3 points in passing, which was better than that in Guernesh. < p > < p > < p > < p > < p > < p > Slotjes back flat and intercepted Akyardis to attack 9-5, but Wakifo Bank was forced to close to 10-8 after the second firing because of the third borrowing by Lopez. Robinson Pinglake and Slotjes break through the blocking lead technology suspension 12-8, Wakifu Bank relies on Martinez-J to hit the net, Juting slam-dunk and block Lopez rebound, and Junesh short to 16-11.

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< p> is another six-point gap between Juting's interception of Lopez's assault. After the truce, Eden was adjusted by Juting to break through the blockade. Wakifu Bank changed its detention into suspension by Guernesh and Slotjes blocked Martinez-J to 20-13. Eden will rely on Martinez-B to attack and chase 18-21 and 22-23 points, Wakifu Bank by Juting and intercept Martinez-B insurance tripped by Gunness to 25-22.

in the second inning, Robinson jumped off the net to hit and rebound Ju Tingqiao, Wakifu Bank got 3 points from 0-1 through Gunnesh, but Slotjes was not guarded by Akyaldis light drop point. Zhu Ting attacked and Genesh blocked Lopez to 5-2. Wakifu Bank was awarded Martinez-B points by Zhu Ting. The Quick Attacker of Junesh scored 9-4 points in takeoff, landing and jumping. < p > < p > < p > < p > < p > < p > Akyardis tapped the backcourt exit after the Armistice of Eden Metropolitan. Fortunately, Martinez-B intercepted Robinson Robinson and skilful beating, as well as Ezbai's back-to-back Ackman missed 7-11 points. After the suspension of Akman's backflying borrower's leading technology, Wakifu Bank used Akman to block Ozdemir's fastball. Eiden was suspended and then pulled back to 7-16 by Catacurt after breaking through successively and losing 5 points. < p > < p > < p > < / P > < p > Akman backflying and Karakurt rebound dropped two points one after another. Wakifu Bank relied on Slotyes'second and back leveling to 19-10. Karakurt jumped the second three times and Slotjes equaled. Wakifu Bank gained 3 points to 22-11 with the help of Guernesh blockade. Although Karakurt jumped the boundaries to stop the bull rounds, Robinson skillfully opened it peacefully and Karakurt won 25-14 three times after that.

in the third inning, Slotjes and Karakurt rebound, Wakifu Bank by Ezbayi blocking from 0-1 to 3 points, Robinson after three failed to be attacked by Lopez, Slotjes was blocked and fired, Karakurt blocked by Lopez, and even the 6 points collapsed by Aiden will be reversed to 3-7, Karaku. Erte attacked by Hawk's Eye Show hitters and reclaimed 2 points. < p > < p > < p > < p > < p > Eden will rely on Lopez and Martinez-B attack, Robinson fired successively from 8-6 to 3 points, Wakifu Bank through the Gunnersche hit but was suspended to 7-12 by Akyaldis breakthrough backward technology. Slotjes was leveled but hit 10-15 with a quick attack and a slight drop from Demir Khan. Wakifu Bank used Karakurt and Akyardis to tackle the ball off the net and chase another two points. < p > < p > < p > < p > < p > < p > Robinson's third and Benesh intercepted Martinez-B sling, Ezbai jumping leveling 15-15, Wakifu Bank from Benesh short and fast and Slotjes back leveling, from EAGLE-EYE display pressure line saw to 18-19. Zhu Ting took part in the rebound and the rebound to 20-21, Wakifu Bank through Zhu Ting's rebound and Karakurt rebound, 22-24 by Slotjes rescue point was attacked by Martinez-J to 23-25.

in the fourth inning, Akman blockade and Zhu Ting repeatedly buckled to 3-0 to force Eden to cease fighting, Wakifo Bank used Lopez's artillery and Ju Tingqiao to expand to 6-0, until Robinson jumped out of the border before terminating the rally. Akman flies on his back and Benesh raids 9-2. Wakifu Bank relies on Slotjes to attack and counter-attack. Benesh's jumping errors and Robinson's opening lead are suspended to 12-6. < p > < p > < p > < p > < p > < p > < p > < p > < p > < p > Benesh has the advantage of backflying and blocking to 15-8, Wakifu Bank with Slotjes successive second, and then sneak attacks to 18-9. Slotjes and Robinson opened fire and used Alisoy's second ball to go out. Wakifu Bank attacked and blocked through Gulkainak. Martinez-B scored 6 points from 18-10 in a row. Robinson slipped to 25-11 after leading the match point.