Italian Cup: Ronaldinho Cancelo's mistake in sending gifts to Juventus 0-3-0 with Atlanta being eliminated

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Italian Cup: Ronaldinho Cancelo's mistake in sending gifts to Juventus 0-3-0 with Atlanta being eliminated

2019-01-31 10:25:15 202 ℃

Hupu News January 31 Beijing time 03:45 a.m. on January 31, 2018-2019 Italian Cup 1/4 finals continue, Juventus away to challenge Atlanta. In the first half, Chiellini was injured and Castaney and Zapata scored two goals in three minutes; in the second half, Zapata scored another goal to win twice. Ultimately, Juventus lost 3-0 away to Atlanta in the last four of the Italian Cup.

In the 4th minute of the opening ceremony, the cold arrow was thrown out of the Atlanta Great Forbidden Zone and the ball was above the beam.

for 6 minutes, Drone's right foot shoots low from the top of the arc of the big forbidden area in the front field, and the ball falls out of the left column.

8th minute, Atlanta front left corner pass, Atlanta players headed to the top.

In the thirteenth minute, the right foot shot from outside the Great Forbidden Zone of Zapata and the ball was confiscated by Szczesny.

In the 22nd minute, Bernardsky's free kick from the left side of the front court was hit by Berisha.

24th minute, Gomez got rid of the right foot low shot outside the forbidden area, and the ball was thrown by Szczesny's side.

37th minute, Cancelo's backcourt dribbling was broken, Castanea's Front-court break burst into the forbidden area front right foot rubbed to the deadlock, Atlanta 1-0 Juventus.


39 minutes, the right side of Sapata forbidden area was shot by right foot, the ball was directly hung near the corner of the goal, the whip length of Shiqinsni was less than 2-0, Atlanta Juventus.


In the first half, Juventus trailed Atlanta 0-2 away from home.

Yi-bian re-battle for 50 minutes, Cancelo forward right pass, Bernardsky inserted into the penalty area to face Berisha left foot outside the instep of the foot, the ball was damaged by the guard.

55th minute, Bentankul left foot long shot outside the forbidden area, the leather ball was off the right column.

63 minutes. In Castaney's left right foot crossing, Zapata headed the goal and the leather ball deflected from the right post.

68 minutes, Juventus left corner pass in the front field, the front penalty player headed back, Herdilla hit the right foot volley, the ball was punched out by Berisha.

76 minutes, Bentankul forbidden zone forward pass was destroyed, Douglas Costa homeopathic ball, Bentankul near the bottom line was destroyed again.

In the 85th minute, Pianic kicked a free kick from the left side of the front court into the penalty area and the ball went straight out of the baseline.

86 minutes, De Silio backcourt return error, Zapata smashed the ball and hit Szczesny's left foot to push the open door twice, Atlanta 3-0 Juventus.

strong>>p> 92 minutes. In Juve's Front-court crossover area, the left side of the C-Lo forbidden area burst into the air and the ball was shot over the crossbeam.

Ultimately, Juventus lost 0-3 away to Atlanta. <


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Juventus (433): 1-Shiqiqinqinqini (433) 1-12-12-12-12-12-12-12-12 A. Lini (26', 20-Cancello), 24-Rugani, 2-De Cilio; 14-Matuidi, 30-Bentankul, 6-Hedila (71', 5-Pianic); 33-Bernardsky, 7-C Ro, 10-Dibala (61', 11-Douglas-Costa); and