Dzeko's pass to Jiangong Saravikolarov to break through Roma 3-0 Chievo away

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Dzeko's pass to Jiangong Saravikolarov to break through Roma 3-0 Chievo away

2019-02-09 09:17:19 180 ℃

Hupu Feb. 9 News Beijing time, Feb. 9, 03:30 a.m., the 23rd round of the 2018-2019 Serie A season continued, Rome away to challenge Chievo. In the first half, Shalawi broke the deadlock by shooting from a small angle, and then Dzeko opened the door to widen the score; in the second half, Dzeko assisted Kolarov to push through the back of the goal and Salawi's central post. Finally, Roma beat Chievo 3-0 away. After the campaign, Rome rose to fourth place with 38 points, 10 wins, 8 draws and 5 losses.

In the 8th minute of the opening game, Solentino rushed the ball out to the midfield before the Roman players were forced to grab it, Enzonzi headed the ball to Salawi, who used his personal ability to get rid of the three defenders by pushing through the door with his right foot from a small angle inside, and Chievo 0-1 Roma.


18 minutes, Casdopp's right front-field cross-pass, right-side of the Dzeko forbidden zone, left-foot low shooting far angle, Chevuo 0-2 Rome.

<23 minutes, the front of Djojevic's forbidden area continuously shakes off the left foot low shot, Milan side saves, the ball rubs the right column out of the baseline. In the 32nd minute of

, Chievo crossed the left side of the front court, Barney headed the ball, Djojevic headed the goal, and Milan threw the ball bravely. < p > < p > 45 minutes, Salawi's front left pass, Hick headed off.

In the first half, Rome was 2-0 ahead of Chievo away from home. < p > < p > < p > Yi-bian re-battle in the 51st minute, Rome quickly counterattack, Salawi backcourt dribbling through half-court cut right foot straight pass, Dzeko forbidden area front homeopathic knock, Kolarov burst into the forbidden area left foot to burst the door, Chievo 0-3 Rome. <<

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<67 minutes, the left baseline of the Shalaavi penalty area was shaved off near the left baseline, teammates followed by a long-shot from their heel, the ball was thrown by Sorentino. Subsequently, the right-right-Tino threw out. After

2 minutes, Rome quickly counterattacked, Dzeko crossed the ball after a long run, Salawi crossed the front of the restricted area, Dzeko adjusted the front of the middle of the restricted area to shoot, and the reflection of the ball hit Barney was confiscated by Solentino. On the 77th minute of

, Dzeko's left front field burst into the forbidden area with a small angle shot from his left foot, and the ball hit the crossbeam and popped out.

83 minutes, the right foot of the ball crossed in the Dzeko forbidden area, Salawi's back point right foot pushed, the ball hit the left column and ejected.

Finally, Rome beat Chievo 3-0 away.

Player score:

Dzeko's shooting performance and once the highest 9.9 points in the frame, 8.5 points in the first opening record of Sarawi+the central column, and 7.0 points in Chievo's performance.

Technical statistics:

Both teams possess the ball equally. Rome possesses 51.5% of the ball and Chievo possesses 48.5% of the ball. Rome has a slight advantage in scoring 7 shots in 15 matches. Rome has two excellent scoring opportunities, and Chievo has failed to score 5 shots in 16 matches. <

Rome < Rome < Rome > Rome < Rome < Rome < Rome < Rome > 83- Milan; 11-Kolarov, 15-Makano, 20-Fazio, 2-Casdopp; 22-Zaniolo (76', 16-Drossi), 42-Enzonzi, 4-Kristant; 92-Sharawi (86', 34-Ustin-Cruywitt), 9-Dzeko, 14-Hick (59', 24-Florence);