Who will assist Harden in the Rocket's five major leak detection targets? Zhan Huang's assistant is on line, 14+10 will be the first

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Who will assist Harden in the Rocket's five major leak detection targets? Zhan Huang's assistant is on line, 14+10 will be the first

2019-02-09 09:17:22 173 ℃

The NBA trading market has been closed, and Luhao has made great efforts to buy out the market. Some players have been booked by the big teams soon after they were bought out, and others are about to be bought out. The Rockets now have three players available. The team still has $3.3 million in the middle class. What players can Morey, who is good at picking up leaks, pick up? Justin Benton, a journalist with clutchpoints, listed five major leak detection targets for the rocket. <


5, Makif Morris (Pelican has been bought, PF)

> average court: 11.4 points 5.1 rebounound <><<

Beasley was traded to the Clipper by the Lakers, while the Clipper buys Gotta and Teodocic continuously, Beasley may also be bought out of contract. Bisley is a veteran Rocket veteran who played for the Rockets in the 2015-16 season, averaging 12.8 points and 4.9 rebounds per game. Beasley reunited with James at the Lakers this season, but he didn't get much chance. If he joins the Rockets, he can be a scoring weapon on the Rockets'bench. Bisley scored 20 points on 21 occasions in the Knicks last season, and he still has a strong ability to cut points.

3, Ellington (the Sun is out, SG)

averaging 8.4 points and 1.9 rebounds

img src="/1ydzximg/0LFni61Jjw"/>

Ellington has been laid off by the Sun, which has attracted many teams to compete for him and is now close to promising to join the Pistons. Ellington averaged 8.4 points and 1.9 rebounds this season and 11.2 points last season, with a 3-point shooting rate of 39.2%. He scored 218 3-point shots, breaking Gordon's record of 3-point shooting for NBA substitutes in a single season. It's a pity that the rocket has no chance with the archer.

p>strong>2, Daimon (Eagle may buy, C)

strong> averaging 10.3 points and 7.3 rebounds

img src="/1ydzximg/0LFni6Q8WF"/>

Daimon was likely to be sent away on the deadline, but he stayed at the Eagle. Daimon could be bought by the Eagles. If he becomes a free agent, it will be an important goal for the Rockets. Rockets have long favored Daimon, who is a good substitute center. Daimon's defensive ability is very good. He averaged 10.3 points, 7.3 rebounds and 1.0 blocks this season. Daimon also has three points of firepower, averaging 1.2 three-point shots this season, with a three-point shooting rate of 37.4%. < p > < strong > 1, Cantor (the Knicks have bought, PF/C) < / strong > < / P > < p > < strong > averaging 14.0 points 10.5 rebounds < / strong > < / P > img SRC = "/ 1ydzximg / 0LFni6bImg"/> < p > Cantor and Nicks will have high scoring power, this season has 14.0 points 10.5 rebounds and 1.9 assists. Cantor's defense is average, but his offensive ability is outstanding, and he is good at rebounding. If the Rockets get him, it will be a great addition to the team's interior. The rocket's outside firepower is very strong, but the inside attack ability is insufficient. The rocket needs players like Cantor, but whether the rocket can get him is still unknown.