0 wins and 28 losses! Against Zhan Huang, he lost again. With 20 points in hand, the magic spell is still unbreakable.

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0 wins and 28 losses! Against Zhan Huang, he lost again. With 20 points in hand, the magic spell is still unbreakable.

2019-02-18 18:31:49 279 ℃

On February 18, Beijing time, the Charlotte All-Star Game ended. James finished a 20-point reversal and finally defeated the Alphabet Brothers 178-164. This means that as a member of the Alphabetic Brothers, Kenba Walker lost to LeBron James again.

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strong> Since Walker entered the league in 2011, he has played James 28 times in the regular season, playoffs and All-Star games, losing 28 games!

This game, as the host star, Walker played for 20 minutes, in a normal state, 8 shots 2, got 4 points, 1 board and 8 assists. Although the individual offensive performance was not very good, Walker's passing helped his teammates get a lot of points, and established a huge advantage in the early stage.

Alphabetic Brothers once led by 20 points in the first half and 13 points at the end of the second quarter, but in the second half, they were limited by experienced James, and eventually lost by 14 points.

Looking at the 20-point advantage in hand, Walker's hard-won spell against Emperor Zhan has not been broken. There are many reasons for the loss of the alphabetical brother team, but the lack of experience is one of the main reasons. In the course of the competition, the scene has given a data comparison between the two sides, which objectively reflects a certain gap between the two sides. According to the data of

the James team has been selected 81 all-stars, 18 total Championships and 6 regular-season MVPs, while the Alphabet team has been selected 57 all-stars, 4 total Championships and 4 regular-season MVPs. Obviously, James is better than others in star success.

Although Walker failed to break the spell of "defeat every Zhan", James gave Walker a high appraisal after the game. Speaking about Walker's progress over the years, James said: "First of all, it's great to start at home for the first time in an All-Star game. It was a very glorious moment for Kenba. He has become more and more mature, but also more and more outstanding. When is Walker's next chance to break the spell? Beijing time March 30. The Hornets will be visiting Staples Center and Walker will have another chance to beat James. Will he be able to seize it?