The heaviest foreign aid in history, South Korean Go World Champion Park Tinghuan joined Chengdu

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The heaviest foreign aid in history, South Korean Go World Champion Park Tinghuan joined Chengdu

2019-02-18 18:31:54 208 ℃

Cover journalist Chen Ganlu

February 18, Chengdu Chess Academy received good news, world champion Korean chess player Park Tinghuan Jiuduan will join Chengdu Yijin Holding Go Team in the new season of Weijia. As the third top player in the world, Park Tinghuan is the heaviest foreign aid in Chengdu Go history.

Park Tinghuan is a flag of Korean Go

Park Tinghuan became famous in the Asian Games

This year's 26-year-old Park Tinghuan can be said to be a younger celebrity. At the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, Go entered the Asian Games for the first time, and the three teams in China, Japan and Korea paid no more attention to the gold medals of Go. The Chinese team, as the host, dispatched a luxury lineup of three generations of chess players, Changhao, Guli, Kong Jie, Zhou Ruiyang, Sheikh and Liu Xing. The Korean team dispatched "Tiantuan" - Li Changhao, Li Shishi, Cui Zhehan, Jiang Dongrun, Park Tinghuan and Zhao Hanzheng. Unexpectedly, it was not "Er Li" King but Park Tinghuan who brought fatal blow to the Chinese team. Among them, Park Tinghuan won the men's team and mixed doubles gold medals, helping the Korean team to achieve the Asian Games gold medal package. By winning the Asian Games, Park Tinghuan was exempted from military service and went up nine sections. He created the shortest period of time for Korean chess players from fixed to nine periods - five years and five months. A year later, in the Fujitsu Cup final, Park Tinghuan, who was under 19 years old, defeated Mowang Qiu Jun and became the first "post-90s" world champion.

2010 Asian Games Park Tinghuan's young fame

Park Tinghuan has been the flag of the "post-90s" Korean Go since then. Without Ko Jie's birth, he would be the strongest "post-90s" in the world. Ko Jie and Park Tinghuan are also rivals of "love and murder". Their record is 7-7. However, in the number of world champions and world rankings, Park Tinghuan lags behind Ko Jie.

Chengdu team's goal for the new season is the top eight

Actually, Chengdu is also Park Tinghuan Fudi. In the New Year Cup at the beginning of this month, Park Tinghuan reversed Ko Jie's incredible finals. At that time, in the face of cover journalists'interviews, Park Tinghuan said that his persistence and non-abandonment had led to Kejie's mistakes. The mistake that caused Ko Jie to slap his face was also rated by Park Tinghuan as "the biggest mistake in Ko Jie's career".

"Now that we have invited such a heavyweight foreign aid, our team's goal this year is only one-to reach the first eight playoffs and strive for better results!" Jiang Quansheng, president of Chengdu Chess Academy, revealed the goal of the new season. Chengdu Go has introduced such heavyweight foreign aid as Cao Xunxun, the emperor of Go, and Cui Zhehan, the world champion. However, in terms of actual combat ability, it is the first time that Chengdu Go ranks so high as the world champion in that year. In the new season, Chengdu team will play in the main line-up of Park Tinghuan, Dang Yifei, Gu Lingyi and Liao Yuanhe. Park Tinghuan and Dang Yifei are world champions. Gu Lingyi won the second place of the Spring Lan Cup and Liao Yuanhe entered the top eight of the world championships. This line-up is the most luxurious combination of Chengdu team in the past ten years.

"Xiaoliao grew very fast and performed very well as the chief General last year. Party Yifei also played a good role last year, and their performance also put great pressure on Gu Lingyi. Gu Lingyi became more mature after his marriage and showed his strength in the second half of the season. This year, Park Tinghuan joined us. We can believe that our team will perform better. Jiang Quansheng, president of Chengdu Chess Academy, said, "I hope that the three chess teams will continue to create good results in the first division this year, and that this year there will be a wisdom games, hoping to blossom in an all-round way."