NBA All-Star Game: George Button, Janway Wiring, Curie 3+1 Finger Clay

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NBA All-Star Game: George Button, Janway Wiring, Curie 3+1 Finger Clay

2019-02-18 18:31:55 235 ℃

Today, the 2019 Charlotte All-Star Game ended, and LeBron eventually took the lead, beating the Alphabet Brothers in a 178-164 reversal. In the first half of the game, LeBron was in a backward position. They were nearly 20 points behind at one time. But in the second half, they reversed the score under the leadership of Leonard and Lillard, and finally LeBron won. Durant was the best player. He scored 31 points, 7 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 broken 2 caps and won the 2019 N. MVP of BA All-Star Game.

There are many wonderful scenes in this game. Let's take a look at All-Star moments in 2019. The best performers in the first quarter are Alphabet Brother and Middleton. They are the team-mates of the Bucks. The Alphabet Brother is also the first choice in the selection of substitutes. In the first quarter, Alphabet Brother made a series of slam dunks, and his score soon doubled. Middleton hit three consecutive three-point goals after his debut, and his performance was really excellent. Nowitzki came on at the end, hitting three consecutive goals on the left and right sides of the court, and everyone applauded the legendary player.

Section 2 Paul George dunked the basket without anyone defending. This moment really reminds us of Carter's dunking, and both players and fans were crazy about it. Paul George is at his best this season, even dunking is so good.

At the beginning of the third section, the most popular is definitely the connection between James and Wade. One is Wade's direct long pass from outside the three-point line to find an empty James slam dunk, and the other is Wade's direct High-throwing board to let his friends finish the dunk performance. James and Wade finally made the connection with professional players for the last time, which was really touching. At the end of the third quarter, LeBron leveled off the difference, which was due to two super-long three-point shots by Pioneer Core Lillard.

In the final game, because the difference between the two teams was not too big, the two teams began to compete with each other with real weapons and real weapons. This was the feeling of Curie, who hit 3+1 in the face of Clay Thompson and was very excited after the goal. Curie pointed his finger at his friend, which was destined to become a classic in the NBA All-Star game. After that, Leonard scored three points, and Lebron finally beat the alphabet.

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