Super Reversal! Chen Meng beat Wang Manyu 3-2 to win 4 consecutive games and save 5 points in the final game.

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Super Reversal! Chen Meng beat Wang Manyu 3-2 to win 4 consecutive games and save 5 points in the final game.

2019-03-01 15:46:20 279 ℃

On March 1, Beijing Time, the World Table Tennis Tournament with the "12 strongest people on the surface" began its second competition day. Wang Manyu and Chen Meng fought hard to win the final game. Chen Meng saved a match point in the fourth game when he was 0-2 behind. In the final game, he saved five points. At his first match point, Chen Meng seized the opportunity and won the final game 14-12. Chen Meng made a super reversal, defeating Chen Meng 3-2. Liu Shiwen lost 1-3 to Sun Yingsha in 2000 and suffered a second defeat.

Wang Manyu, who won three consecutive victories in a row, played against Chen Mengyu, who won the same three consecutive victories in a row. The two men's confrontation can be said to be full of points. In the first game, Wang Manyu won the first game 15-13. Wang Manyu won 11-8 in the second set, while Chen Meng recovered 11-8 in the third.

The score of the two men has been very sticky in the key fourth inning. Chen Meng succeeded in chasing up the score in the backward situation and reached a 9-level tie. Wang Manyu won the race point 10-9, but Chen Meng succeeded in resolving the race point. After Chen Meng got the game point, Wang Manyu also succeeded in resolving it. Chen Meng got the game point again, but missed the service and drew again. Chen Meng scored the lucky ball once again. This time, she seized the chance and won the fourth inning 14-12. The two men drew 2-2.

in the final game, the two men drew from one to four, Chen Meng was 5-4 in the lead and exchanged venues. Wang Manyu equalized again, and it was difficult for the two men to pull apart the difference. Until the 7th draw, Wang Manyu scored three points in a row and got three points. Chen Meng played steadily at this time, saving three matches in a row and reaching 10 levels. Wang Manyu withstood the pressure and took the initiative to attack and get the match point. This time Wang Manyu made another mistake and missed the match point. Chen Meng's final game has saved four competition points, Wang Manyu has got the fifth competition point, Chen Meng resolves again. After the 12-level draw, the two men fought brilliantly. Chen Mengyu was one of the best and won the point. Wang Manyu fell to the ground. Chen Meng's first match point, she grasped, 14 to 12 won the fifth inning. Chen Meng staged a super reversal, reversing Wang Manyu 3-2, and won four consecutive victories.

Liu Shiwen played against Sun Yingsha in 2000, and both of them won and lost to Wang Manyu on 28 days. In this match, Sun Yingsha played better. She took the lead of 2 to 0 in the first two sets, with 11 to 8 and 11 to 4, respectively. She seized a good situation. In the third game, Liu Shiwen finally got the help and won the third game 11 to 7. In the fourth crucial game, Sun Yingsha suppressed Liu Shiwen in momentum again. She scored consecutive points and won the fourth game 11-5. Sun Yingsha defeated Liu Shiwen 3-1 and won the third game. Liu Shiwen won 2 and lost 2.