Xidi Sanshuang 76 people beat Thunder Tingwei and cut 23+11+11 in the air

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Xidi Sanshuang 76 people beat Thunder Tingwei and cut 23+11+11 in the air

2019-03-01 15:46:24 241 ℃

The NBA regular season continued on March 1, with Paul George and Embed absent in the game! In the end, 76 people beat Thunder by 108-104 on the road! At the beginning of the first quarter of

, Grant made a good layup, 76 people scored 4 points in return, Weishao hit three points, Bolden took it in the air, Morris jump shot, 76 people hit a wave of 19-6! Noel is a good jumper, Harris hit a slam dunk! Thunder scored 7-0 after each other, 76 people returned 5 points! After the first battle, 76 people led by 11 points from 37 to 26.

In the second quarter, Nader hit three points, and Harris kicked back! Adams hit a free throw, McConnell hit a jump shot, Nader hit two, 76 people hit a wave of 7-0! Thunder returned 3 points, and then you and I scored each other, half-court battle, 76 people 60-49 lead 11 points. < p > < p > < Yi-bian re-battle, Butler jump shot well, Schroeder hit three points, Bolden three points in return, Grant lay-up well, Bolden hit the basket again. Thunder scored 5 points and 76 responded 6 points! Thunder hit a wave of 12-0! 76 people scored 4 points, Thunder scored 4 points, Harris scored 7 points, 76 people scored a wave of 9-0! Thunder scored another four points, three quarters, 76 people 86-79 ahead of 7 points.

In the last quarter, Thunder scored 5 points first, Butler scored 4 points, Morris scored 2 free throws, Wilson shot well, Reddick hit three points, Morris retaliated three points, Wilson equalized two points!! Harris won 8 points!!!!! Butler's got another big buckle! 76 people are 10 points ahead! Grant stopped bleeding by three points, Wilson scored two penalties, Ferguson made a quick break, and the Thunder beat 7-0 to 3 points! Scott hit three points and Morris quickly returned two points. Wilson hit two free throws and Butler missed, but Simmons grabbed the key offensive rebounds!!! Reddick hit both penalties! This is the end of the game! On the side of < p > 76 people, Simmons 11 points 14 board 11, Butler 20 points 8 boards 8, Harris 32 points 5 boards 12, Reddick 12, Bolden 14 points

< p > Thunder, Wilson 23 points 11 board 11, Grant 23 points 6 boards, Maurice 17 points, Adams 11 points 14 boards, Schroder 14 points 7 help