Guangzhou Hengda Winter Window Investment ranks first in the world! Income from 13 people leaving the team brightened

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Guangzhou Hengda Winter Window Investment ranks first in the world! Income from 13 people leaving the team brightened

2019-03-01 15:46:28 689 ℃

At 6 o'clock this evening, the Chinese Super League will begin its 2019 season. The first match was last year's third Shandong Luneng in the Chinese Super League against Beijing people at home, followed by Shanghai Derby, Guangzhou Hengda and Beijing Guoan. It can be said that the first match day was quite exciting. Last year's top four players in the League played, which really made the long-awaited fans feel. To be happy. Tomorrow, the opening ceremony of the Chinese Super League will be held in Shenzhen on Saturday evening, during which famous singer Hu Yanbin will sing the theme song of the new season. After that, Shenzhen will face Hebei Huaxia.

Now the curtain of the transfer of Chinese professional football has fallen, because of special reasons, the transfer period of the former Yanbian players and Shaanxi Daqin Zhishui has been extended accordingly. The most popular transfer market in this winter is the flow of local players. Although some big stars such as Ferraini and Hamsik have also come to the Chinese Super League, the changes between local players, especially young international players, are still of concern. Among them, Wesley Ho and other players, who are considered to be very difficult to transfer, have also changed their owners.

Guangzhou Evergrande not only has the highest expenditure of 81.43 million euros in the winter window market, but also has the largest investment in the world. Of course, the main expenditure comes from Taliska and buyout Paulinio again. Hengda has also introduced many young and powerful players, such as Wei Shihao, Gao Junyi, Zhang Xiuwei and Liu Yiming. People are at the national level. Their arrival not only lowers the average age of Hengda as a whole, but also strengthens the team and wins the future. Of course, there is a domesticated Browning, he is also very strong, so although Evergrande is now a double foreign aid battle, but the strength of local players is still super-top.

After spending, we have to talk about income. Hengda has introduced a lot of players, and many people have left, such as Gao Lat, Alan, Zhang Chenglin, Zhang Wenzhao and Zheng Long. Hengda has released as many as 13 people, which is a bit of a big shuffle. However, most of these players left on loan. The above-mentioned players left on loan. At the same time, Liao Lisheng, Zheng Yubiao and so on also left on loan. It is Zou Zheng and Jin Yingquan who have made a thorough transfer. Their income for Hengda is 3.72 million euros, which is the winter window. The net investment of Guangzhou Hengda is 77.71 million euros. The transfer income of

is really too small. When I think of 13 people leaving, most of them are on loan, which is a little like Chelsea in the Premier League. It can be said that Evergrande is indeed very rich, just as their boss Xu said at the meeting that the poor performance of last year is also related to the quotation. Now the huge investment quotation is also in place, expecting them to achieve good results.

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