101 crowns! Federer took Isner in two sets and won the 28th Masters Cup in his career.

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101 crowns! Federer took Isner in two sets and won the 28th Masters Cup in his career.

2019-04-01 11:24:03 7489 ℃

In the early morning of April 1, Beijing time, ATP Miami Masters entered the final competition day. In the men's singles finals, Swiss champion Federer welcomed the challenge of defending champion Isner. In the final game, which took only 1 hour and 03 minutes, the Swiss champion landed two straight sets to win Isner 6-1/6-4 and won the championship for the fourth time in Miami.

In the first set, Isner was challenged in the first serve. Although he saved two break points by his powerful serve, Federer finished break, and after the easy guarantee, Federer gained a 2-0 lead in the first set. Isnell Love Game guaranteed success in the third game, which was the only game he won in the first. Federer then broke twice in the fifth and seventh innings, winning the first set 6-1.

Federer started Love Game successfully and successfully won the first serve. Isner also became very robust in his own serve, and he also secured four points. In the first eight games, both players did not give their opponents the chance to break the point, and they drew 4-4 after each guarantee. In the 9th inning, Federer secured another four points in his own serve. In the irresistible serve of Isner, Federer got two match points from 40 to 15. Despite Isner's efforts to resolve the first match point, Federer finished the break and won the second set with 6-4.

After losing to Tim in the Indian Wells Masters final two weeks ago, Federer continued to attack his 101 th personal title in Miami. In the process of Federer winning the championship, in addition to losing the first round to Albert, Federer won 12 sets in a row and won the championship. Despite reaching the age of 38, Federer showed great strength and dominance in the North American Sunshine Tournament.

This is Federer's fourth win in the Miami Masters, in which he won the championship only six times after Djokovic and Agassi. At the same time, it was Federer's second Masters championship every one and a half years. It was also his 28th Masters championship. Federer continued to keep up with Nadal and Djokovic in the number of Masters championships.

After Indian Wells failed to win 101 championships, Federer finally finished 101 Championships in his personal career at the Miami Masters. It also allowed Federer to continue to narrow the gap between himself and Jimmy Connors, who is currently eight Championships short of Connors'109 titles.