Feng Xiaoting's thousand-word response was booed: I love Dalian to leave for my family

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Feng Xiaoting's thousand-word response was booed: I love Dalian to leave for my family

2019-04-01 11:24:08 3490 ℃

Live broadcast on April 1, Evergreen Player Feng Xiaoting posted a long article of more than 1,800 words on his micro-blog late at night, reviewing his bit by bit in Dalian, and responding to the doubts from Dalian fans.

Hengda's third round Chinese Super League match in Dalian, as long as Feng Xiaoting gets the ball, the fans of Dalian's home court will all boo the national football center-back. In response to this, Feng Xiaoting issued a long article in response to this matter:

Waking up in a hurry of ten years

I do not know how complex emotions to write these words. On this day, I returned to my hometown where I was born and grew up. Like every return in the past eight years, I went to applaud and thank you after the game. But what awaited me was no longer the applause and enthusiastic response of the past eight years. All of a sudden, everything changed, and I became helpless. A friend told me that Dalian fans have not forgiven you for leaving that year. I also laughed and told them that it was impossible. If there were such a big contradiction at the beginning, how could it be possible to keep silent for so many years after that? Every time I go back to the game, I get support and applause. How could it change this year? Friends say they don't know, so it's better for me to speak for myself.

To tell the truth, I don't know where to start. I was born in Dalian and grew up in Dalian. I was a caddy of Dalian Team when I was young. I watched idols grow up playing football. Later, I went to Shide from Northeast Road and played in the top league at the age of 18, but in the years after I returned to Shide, I met with the decline of Dalian football. I am from an ordinary family, and I am on the professional football path. Besides my love for football, there are two other points: one is to realize my dream, the other is to bring better life to my parents and family. I think that's probably the case with children all over the world. My dream is to go to Europe and play football, as we all know when I was very young. When I was 20 years old, I went to Serie A for a trial and had the chance to stay. But in those years, we had the Olympic mission, and Dalian team became more and more difficult, so I chose to stick to it for a while. By the end of the Beijing Olympics and helping Dalian relegate in 2008, I can't wait to be 23 years old. In those years, I had a salary of 3500 a month, and my bonus was often delayed or even deducted. As a man, I started to shoulder the burden of my parents and my small family, only to speed up the process of studying abroad.

I know that when I said goodbye to Dalian, I said that I would return to Dalian one day in the future, which is absolutely true. As many Brazilian and Argentine players will say when they go to Europe to stay abroad, they will return to their home team in the future, which is the most normal track of professional football. And my plan in that year was to take Korea as a springboard and go to the European League for a few years. When Ye came to the end, Dalian was definitely my first choice.

But life is like this. Everyone can't predict such a distant future. Many good plans will change with the changes of the environment. I'm not a star. I'm just an ordinary person, a football professional. When I played in Korea for two years and Europe was still far away, my wife became pregnant. She came to Korea to accompany me for my resignation. I can't let her leave home and drift abroad with me again. So when Hengda came to me with great sincerity, I discussed with my family for a long time and finally accepted the only choice at that time.

I remember that when I returned home, there were some minor controversies, but soon everyone understood. Many old fans in Dalian who have supported me for many years told me that Xiao Feng is OK. Everyone knows how much you have paid for Dalian Team. In the 2007 match against Henan, my arm was severely fractured. I wanted to have an operation in Beijing, but the club insisted on going back to Dalian. In Dalian, my arm has been bone-grafted four times, all of them failed, and I suffered from dry vomiting several times. Ten days later, I had no choice but to find my own relationship to go to Beijing Jishuitan Hospital and have an operation. So far, there is still a huge scar on my arm which is close to 20 centimeters. I remember that the doctor in charge told me that if I came a few days later, let alone play football, normal life would be impossible. Later, in order to reimburse for more than 10,000 treatment fees, my mother and I suffered too much grievance in the club at that time, but I never complained to the outside world, because I can also understand the difficulties of the club. As the days of

passed, I won many honors in my career in Guangzhou and the respect and love of Guangzhou fans. At the same time, I have been paying close attention to Dalian football. Every year when I come home from vacation, I will talk with my friends in the circle about the current situation and try to find ways to solve it. Two years ago, I started to play public welfare football. After two previous sessions in Guangzhou, I put the third session in Dalian last year. I tried to arrange a big gathering of Dalian football players after many years. I also donated football fund to my alma mater Northeast Road Primary School. I really feel that I have done my best and deserved it.

Oh, yes, I heard that some fans were dissatisfied with my performance in Tianhe last year in Dalian, saying that I should not rush up to accuse Gaitan, nor should I celebrate on Weibo after scoring. As for the first one, I still think it is a normal phenomenon in football field. Because of some friction between players, it is a common phenomenon in football field all over the world to put pressure on opponents and referees. Every professional player has experienced it more or less. Regarding the second, I think it is my negligence, because I have expressed my goal intention on Weibo for a long time, so I only want to share my happiness when I am happy, without considering that my opponent is my home team, which is somewhat inappropriate. If Dalian fans feel hurt, I say sorry. From yesterday till now, many people have advised me not to respond, let alone explain, as long as I play football well, I can live up to my heart. But I had been struggling for a long time and decided to write them down for the first time and the last time, to tell the true story and express my attitude.

I love Dalian. No matter what happens, here will always be my hometown and an inseparable part of my life. I also love Guangzhou, where I have reached the peak of my club career, won many honors and gained many friends. I have never felt that Dalian and Guangzhou can not coexist, just as every family expects their children to attend famous schools, study abroad, go north to Guangzhou, Shenzhen or even work abroad, no matter where we go, we are still Chinese. It's time to rest. Finally, I would like to say a word to myself, if the future can not share happiness as before, then don't forget to transfer more positive energy for Chinese football.