Rare! How can rockets control the final ranking of the West? An important premise is that the war must be lost.

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Rare! How can rockets control the final ranking of the West? An important premise is that the war must be lost.

2019-04-07 08:02:38 650 ℃

Wen/Shui Qingqing

Beijing time, April 6, related to the sixth battle of the Western Ranking Campaign. Although the overall ranking has not changed, there are slight changes in the difference between the wins and losses. Combined with the future schedule, a rare phenomenon is that Rockets control the final ranking of the Western Regions.

The latest ranking in the West

The figure above is the latest ranking today. Although the position has not changed a bit from yesterday, we should pay attention to two small details about the rocket: the difference between the Rocket and the Trailblazers has come to 1.5 games; while the difference between the Clippers and Thunder is still maintained at 0.5 games, and the situation of 2-3 games remaining in the future, the rocket has a lot of control. The overall ranking trend of the western region.

West 2-8

Rockets will have two games in the future, and the difference between them and the Nuggets has been pulled to 1.5. Referring to one of Nuggets'future opponents, the Timberwolves, as long as they defeat one of the Trailblazers and Jazz, will be able to lock in the second seat, so the Rockets want to hit the second seat is basically far-sighted, the rest depends on whether there is a ball behind them. The team jeopardized their third seat.

If the Rockets mentioned above have 1.5 wins and losses to the pioneers, as long as they win the Sun War and refer to the Pioneers'difficult victory over the Nuggets, the Rockets have a chance to directly lock in the third place in the West. If the Pioneers accidentally defeat the Nuggets and are expected to win three times in a row, the Rockets need to defeat Thunder to secure the third place. Well, the Rockets affect the ranking of the first half except the warriors, and even more in the second half. If the Blazers lose the Nuggets and the Rockets win the Suns, then the team's future against Thunder will be crucial. If you don't want to beat Thunder, then the latter is only 0.5 games better than Spurs. Referring to the two different schedules, Spurs will rise to the third place in the west. It must be emphasized that this is the focus of the Rockets'second round opponents' selection. Do they want to play Thunder or Spurs?

What if the rocket deliberately lost to Thunder? In addition to defeating the Timberwolves, the Rockets also release water, and the Bucks have locked in the first league will not fight hard to maintain health, then the Thunder is expected to win three consecutive games, if the Thunder will end the regular season in the seventh capacity. One detail worth noting is that even though Thunder has the same record as the Clippers (the Warriors can release the Clippers if they lock the Western Championship), the Clippers have the best division record, then Thunder will still enter the playoffs with the seventh place, and the Rockets will be the ideal match.

Rockets decide the Western ranking

Rockets will play the fast boat in the first round, well, there are superstars advantage; Thunder and Nuggets become semi-finals opponents, but also the most ideal match schedule for the powerful West, the most important point is that they can send the Spurs to the Warriors, in case there is a 10,000?

Therefore, from the above analysis, the rocket's future two battles directly determine the ranking of the upper and lower half. If the Pioneers win three consecutive battles, the rocket will win two consecutive battles in any case, then the thunderstorm may be directly ranked eighth, and the Spurs will rise to seventh. If the pioneers lose the gold, the rocket can release the thunderstorm, if the ranking situation remains unchanged now, well, they need thunderstorm battle. One defeat will determine the fate.