China Super League's latest scoring list: Guoan won 4 consecutive wins and rose to the top, Hengda 2-0 Fuli Zheng Zhiying made his season debut.

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China Super League's latest scoring list: Guoan won 4 consecutive wins and rose to the top, Hengda 2-0 Fuli Zheng Zhiying made his season debut.

2019-04-07 08:02:38 676 ℃

Beijing time on the evening of April 6, the 4th round of the Chinese Super League continued, Guangzhou Evergrande beat Fuli 2-0 in the derby, and Taliskame scored twice. In a contest in the afternoon, Tianhai Tianjin and Huaxia Happiness 0-0 crossed the white paper, Tianhai got the first point of the season, and this is also the first game of this season without goals in the Super League. At present, Guo'an of Beijing ranks first in the scoring table with the best start in the team's history of four successive wins. Guangzhou Hengda Tongji has 12 points, followed closely by Chongqing, and Shanghai is outrageously unmatched by Chongqing, ranking down to the third place, and Luneng Jiji has 8 points in the fourth place.

Guangzhou Hengda 2-0 Guangzhou Fuli

Guangzhou Derby is the main play in this round. Zheng Zhi's 70th minute substitution comes on as the first show of the season. The two sides had 18 previous matches at the level of China and Super League. Fuli won 7-3-8 and lost slightly. In the past three seasons, the two teams scored 40 goals, averaging more than 6 goals per game. In the opening battle of last season, Fuli defeated Hengda 5-4, which also became the fuse of Hengda's eight consecutive championships. This time again, Paulio and Denberet, former Spurs teammates, met as opponents in the Chinese Super League. With Taliska's second goal, Hengda won 2-0 against Fuli, ushering in the fourth consecutive win of the Chinese Super League and rose to the second place.

Tianhai 0-0 Hebei Huaxia Happiness

Tianhai is not bad in paper strength, but in the first three rounds, Shen Xiangfu has suffered three successive defeats, and is under tremendous pressure. Happiness in this round of China, the two sides did not play their due level, and finally ended with a 0-0 score. This is the first game of the season without goals, Tianhai ended three consecutive defeats and got the first point of the season. There were few opportunities for the two teams to attack. Although there were not only top foreign players like Alan, but also well-known international players like Dong Xuesheng and Yang Xu, in 90 minutes, the two teams had only one shot to hit the goal, so this was the most boring game of the season so far.

Beijing Guoan 3-0 Jiangsu Suning

Guoan's strong dialogue with Suning, Guoan's short-pass penetration and the Front-court forcing method make Suning very uncomfortable. Although Suning once dominated, Guoan still firmly grasped the initiative on the court. In the end, the strong-strong dialogue reached a one-sided score. After 90 minutes of fierce battle, Guo An defeated Suning by 3-0 with Zhang Yuning's goals from World Po and Bakambu and Prince Ming, and won four consecutive victories in the Chinese Super League. Four consecutive victories were also the best start of Guo An's history. Wang Song, a Suning player, had his first red card in 18 years'career.

Shanghai Shanggang 2-3 Chongqing Sweet

If viewed from both sides'lineup configuration and past competing results, this is a match with almost no suspense. The two teams have played eight times in the middle and super level before, and Shanggang has won 6 wins and 2 draws, of which all four of them have won at home. However, Wu Lei, who scored nine goals for Hong Kong in eight previous encounters, is no longer in the game. The process of the match was tortuous. In the first half of the away battle, Chongqing gained a 2-0 lead. In the second half, the situation changed abruptly. With Lu Wenjun's goal and Hurke's world wave, Shanggang drew the score to 2-2. During the injury stoppage and makeup period, Yan Junling made a fatal mistake in the side pass of Chongqing player Dili Mulati. Chongqing's 3-2 winner went to Hong Kong, bursting a big surprise in this round, which was also the first time that Chongqing won in the Chinese Super League.

Shenzhen Jiazhaoye 1-1 Shandong Luneng

Because of the sub-championship competition next week, Luneng made part of the rotation of the lineup, Dai Lin, Hao Junmin, Zhang Chi and others entered the bench, while Wang Tong and Zheng Zheng did not enter the list. Upgraded horse Shenzhen played the role of black horse. It won two consecutive victories in the first two rounds, and only lost 0-1 to Chongqing Sweet in the last round. In the first half, the two sides crossed the white paper 0-0, in the second half Luneng made a mistake in passing, Sernas fired a long shot to break the deadlock for Shenzhen, then Pellet helped Luneng equalize the score, and finally the two teams shook hands 1-1, Luneng won only one game against the promoted horse in nearly nine matches.

Because the grass quality of Wuhan Zhuoer's home field is not up to the standard, this round of competition against Henan Jianye will be postponed until next month. Zhuoer's coach Li Tie also spoke publicly, expressing his dissatisfaction with the grass quality of the home field and apologizing to the fans. The other two contests will be held on April 7, Beijing time. Dalian will host Tianjin Teda, while Beijing people and Shanghai Shenhua will challenge.