Rocket playoff rotation is basically out? Who's on the nine-person list, one person or falls out of the Hutchison rotation

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Rocket playoff rotation is basically out? Who's on the nine-person list, one person or falls out of the Hutchison rotation

2019-04-07 08:02:41 679 ℃

With the regular season approaching, the Rockets'condition is also very well adjusted. The whole team is very energetic, and has returned to the supernatural state of last season. Especially, the Rockets' rotation line-up is much more abundant than last season, but this also makes it difficult for Deutsche, who once said that nine people should be rotated in the playoffs, but from the Rockets'current situation. As things stand, the former Son of Hutchison, last season's real fragrance player Green is likely to fall out of rotation.

First of all, the conventional five tigers naturally do not need to say much. Little Rivers, Farid and House also show the true fragrance attributes. Although the data of Shampoo is not very ideal, but the recent plays are obviously higher than Green's, so the nine-fingered God-man is likely to fall out of rotation. The main reason why the playoffs are difficult to play is that the intensity of defense is much higher than that of the playoffs. Shampoo's recent condition is also gradually warming up, and he has a lot of playoff experience, Finals experience and defensive experience, so his rotation position is higher than Green's.

In fact, it can be seen from recent matches that although Green has been included in the list, in the Rockets-Clippers game on April 4, Green was only in garbage time, and had little ball power. He only played for six minutes and only got a rebound. It is important to know that the main rockets at that time were all off the court and replaced by all the others. Replacement players, but even so Green did not make a shot, the whole game is listless, it can be said that Green's playoff rotation position has been very bad.

In addition to the Rocket's April 6 game against the Knicks, the Rockets scored 39 points in the first three quarters of the tremendous advantage, the main force was early in the third quarter all retired to the dressing room. Green did not make his debut until all the starters returned home. Despite 9 points, 3 rebounds and 1 assists, the Rockets are no longer the main force. This also proves that Green is indeed beginning to fade out of the main rotation position.

There is no denying that Green's performance is still good, he is also a master of chaotic warfare, but Green's defense has been a big problem, and the recent performance of Shampot has slowly entered the state, his defense is very good, and the current Rockets are very much in need, and his three-point shooting rate is more and more accurate, in the two-lineup defensive end played a very important role, so Green The playoff rotation is getting farther and farther away from him.

Of course, if the Rockets are not progressing well in the playoffs offensive side, Green still has a chance to play, but from the German coach's current deployment, it is clear that Green is not in the core of the playoffs rotation, but once other players have injuries, Green can replenish in time. In the end, there are too many players to rotate, which is the guide. Zhi Deshuai had to cut down on Green's play, and he still had the strength to go into the playoff rotation.