Why was Beijing Men's Basketball 2-0 overturned? Marbury finally gave the answer

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Why was Beijing Men's Basketball 2-0 overturned? Marbury finally gave the answer

2019-04-07 08:02:41 648 ℃

From 2-0 to 2-3 overturned by Shenzhen Men's Basketball Team, Beijing Men's Basketball Team overnight set a disgraceful CBA24 record, but also stopped in the top eight, which made the team and Beijing fans unacceptable. Why was it overturned by Shenzhen? In his personal live show, Marbury talked about the main reasons why his old employer was reversed by Shenzhen.

In fact, the situation of Beijing Team in this series is optimistic. They beat Shenzhen twice in succession on the road, and their psychological advantage is completely on the side of Beijing Team. In the case of 2-0 lead, the third game is the main battle. With the help of psychological advantage and home court advantage, Beijing team can win Shenzhen in one go, but unfortunately, Beijing team was seriously out of order in the G3. Only 4 shots were made outside the three-point line, and finally lost the G3 in an overtime game. Strangely, after Beijing lost two competition points and was successfully reversed by Shenzhen 3-2, it became the background emperor of the rival's history creation.

Why on earth was Beijing reversed? Is it a coach or a player? If a player can't, what is the team's short board? The former meritorious foreign aid finally gave the answer. "It's a pity that Beijing was eliminated," Marbury said. He thought the team should take the Shenzhen Men's Basketball Team with one go when it was 2-0 ahead, without giving the other a chance to take advantage of it. "It's like knocking the opponent down to the ground with a hammer. Marbury added: "Beijing has the potential to compete with strong teams in the last two years, but now Beijing lacks a spiritual leader to stand up and lead the team to determine the future. Even if I didn't play, I would shout for the team off the court and tell them how to work hard and work hard, so they need to make some mental adjustments next. In the case of adverse wind, the details are very important. When the score is near, only when the defense is well done can we get the first chance. There are many big men in Shenzhen. They should be pushed out of three seconds to reduce the second attack. Marbury's statement is very reasonable and the analysis is very real.

Of course, Beijing was reversed, there are other reasons. This season, Beijing Men's Basketball Team suffered many injuries, Fang Shuo and so on also rested for a lot of time, Liu Xiaoyu also reimbursed after the regular season, and Ji reimbursed the whole season, which also affected the team's performance to a certain extent, but to continue to improve, Beijing Men's Basketball Team. We also need some good big players. But it is not easy to supplement the big man. The Beijing team tried to introduce the big man Han Dejun and Tao Hanlin in the past two years, but they were reluctant to come to Beijing. It is said that Beijing has offered an irresistible annual salary, but why don't people want to come? Is it related to the culture of the team? It's time for Qin Xiaowen's management team to rethink. It is a top priority for Beijing to train its own spiritual leaders and introduce big people.