Bohr's withdrawal from the final eight of Zhang Ben's exit will be a thrilling and reversal of the Korean Derby Malone

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Bohr's withdrawal from the final eight of Zhang Ben's exit will be a thrilling and reversal of the Korean Derby Malone

2019-04-25 21:33:33 1270 ℃

On April 25, Beijing time, Hungary World Table Tennis Championship Men's Singles 1/8 Final began to compete. In the first Chinese derby, Liang Jingkun beat Fan Zhendong, the world's first player, 4-2, to break into the top eight. Lin Gaoyuan swept Korea's Zheng Rongzhi 4-0 and will face Malone in the quarter-final. Malone defeated Brazilian Hugo 4-1 in the 1/8 final. In the second half of the competition, Zhang Benzhi was defeated 2-4 by South Korea's Andai Hyun, and Japan suffered a heavy blow once again. Bohr unexpectedly announced his withdrawal, with a Korean Derby in the quarter-finals and Andai Hyun against Jang Yuzhen.

On 24 th, Xu Xin unexpectedly dropped out, which made the second half defeated, and the fourth national table tennis team in the first half who could enter the finals became a point of concern. The first national table tennis civil war, Fan Zhendong against Liang Jingkun. Fan Zhendong lost three games in a row when he won one game 11-5, and fell behind 1-3. Although Fan Zhendong recovered one game 11-8, Liang Jingkun won the sixth game 11-7, 4-2, and Liang Jingkun entered the top eight.

Fan Zhendong, the world's number one, was out, which had an impact on national table tennis, but Liang Jingkun played well. In the quarter finals, he had to face Japanese player Danyu Xiaoxi, expecting Da Pang to hold on to the quarter and lock in at least one of the top four places. In the 2/4 zone, Lin Gaoyuan took the lead. His opponent was Zheng Rongzhi of Korea. The overall advantage of Lin Gaoyuan was still very obvious. He won four consecutive games and entered the top eight. The score of the four games was 11 to 8, 11 to 9, 11 to 9 and 11 to 6.

Lin Gaoyuan will play Marlon in the quarter finals and Hugo, the Brazilian player, will play against Marlon in the quarter finals. Hugo had defeated Fan Zhendong and had great strength. Marlon had a big challenge in the first game, losing the first game 8-11. In the second game, Malone withstood the pressure and won 11-8. In the third inning, Malone had a strong momentum, playing 11-1, 2-1 to overtake. In the fourth inning, Malone quickly led 9-1, 11-3 and 3-1. Malone won 11-8 in the fifth inning, reversed promotion 4-1, and played Lin Gaoyuan in the quarter-finals. Xiao/p>img src="/1ydzximg/0Lq15Ea6q9"/>

in the second half of the competition, Xu Xin was out, Zhang Benzhihe became a hot finalist. In the 1/8 finals, Zhang Benzhi and Andai Hyun of Korea ranked 157th in the world. In the first game, Anzai Hyun won 11-7, while Zhang Benzhi played 11-3 in the second. In the third game, two guys stick together, and Andai seized the opportunity to win 11-8. In the fourth inning, Zhang Benzhi and tried to catch up, but still lost 7-11 and fell behind 1-3. In the fifth inning, the two players were still very glued. Zhang Benzhi and 11:8 won and pulled back one inning. In the sixth game, Anzai Hyun won 11-9 and eliminated Zhang Benzhihe 4-2, which made him a surprise.

Just as Zhang Benzhi and Andai Hyun competed, the ITTF confirmed that German veteran Bohr quit singles because of a cold and Korean Zhang Yuzhen won without a fight and entered the top eight. In the quarter-finals, Andai Hyun and Jang Yuzhen staged the Korean derby.