1 meters of the 92 biggest weapon is a female giant long legs than gold: my boyfriend is strong

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1 meters of the 92 biggest weapon is a female giant long legs than gold: my boyfriend is strong

2016-08-21 09:55:41 667 ℃

Rio Olympic women's kg +67 level finals, Chinese contestant Zheng Shuyin 5-1 victory over Spain Espinosa championship aspirations, Carioca stadium played again China's national anthem.

For the first time on the Olympic Games, Zheng Shuyin, the game's biggest enemy is himself, the state is not stable, she needs to overcome the number one problem. Fortunately, Zheng Shuyin at a critical moment and not off the chain, she first 2-0 beat Nepal players Laval easily qualify for the quarterfinals, and in the key of overtime to withstand pressure 4-1 defeat at the British players walkden, enters the finals. In the final, in the face of the world's top ranked Mexico star Zheng Shuyin, Espinosa has not been affected by the recent three war to do the best, so win the championship.

Born in 1994, Zheng Shuyin grew up in the suburbs of Dandong, Liaoning, and the road to Taekwondo was quite accidental. One day, the city sports school coach to Zheng Shuyin where the primary selection of the team, one eye fancy the body conditions are good children. Zheng Shuyin parents agree with her to the city sports school practice Taekwondo purpose is very simple, want to let the children to take this opportunity to the city to see the world, it is possible to better the city primary school. Can not expect that in the next few years, Zheng Shuyin played on the Taekwondo arena fame.

Just to the city sports school, Zheng Shuyin and a group of age than their older children with training, competition, so she in the game is often less negative and more wins. "At that time, the body is particularly poor, but there is a height, the strength is very small, very slow, and opponents play more slowly. Opponents can hit me, but I can't play." But it is also because the age is small, started early, Zheng Shuyin gradually in the competition of the peers and prevailed, in her words, from the national youth competition began to no longer lost.

In 2010, Zheng Shuyin on behalf of the Chinese team participated in the inaugural Youth Olympic Games, won the first prize in the + 63 kg class competition, the Youth Olympic champion let Zheng Shuyin greatly enhance the confidence. After returning home, Zheng Shuyin began to participate in the adult game, play the unstable let her to calm down and correct examine yourself and seek solid progress and improve. In Liaoning National Games held in his hometown, Zheng Shuyin in +67 kg class final aspirations champions, and preparing for the National Games also let Zheng Shuyin in all aspects of physical function and thought ushered in a significant improvement and progress of the.

1 meters 92 of the height is Zheng Shuyin's biggest weapon, the advantage of tall legs so that she is more likely to hit the head to get high marks. In the past two years, she has made rapid progress, physical fitness, technical play and so on, and gradually improve and mature, improve. Once upon a time dependent attack now has her forelegs, grasp more rotating offensive skills. Zheng Shuyin in 2015 World Championships silver medal, the Grand Prix finals at the end of the beat, including the 2008 Olympic champion, the Olympic integral first Ma Espinosa and other famous final best actress, in one fell swoop down Olympic qualification.

1.92 meters tall Dandong girl Zheng Shuyin in the game to be like a lion, field loves to laugh and shy. And Zheng Shuyin and has just won the champion in the men's 58 kg Taekwondo class Zhao Shuai romance, also let the people of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro will Taekwondo competition both harvest gold medal of the return of the Condor Heroes Xinxian unceasingly. Before the game, Zheng Shuyin said that if there is an opportunity to stand on the Olympic Games, she will have a dream, there is a goal, but there will be no pressure. And she did it!

(Dou Wo)