A small hammer Zhu Ting Liuyang temper, against South Korean idol Lang Ping, behind the scenes and meritorious service

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A small hammer Zhu Ting Liuyang temper, against South Korean idol Lang Ping, behind the scenes and meritorious service

2016-08-25 19:02:17 260 ℃

After the end of the Olympic journey, the Olympic women's volleyball tournament MVP Zhu ting a short rest will be in mid September to Turkey, played for the club of tile Kiefer bank. 21 year old Zhu Ting has set foot on the road of studying abroad, the Turkish League gathered in the world volleyball the brightest star, directly with a high level of opponents, to "the hammer" for further refinement, Zhu Ting future is expected to become more powerful.

Zhu Ting Liuyang road is directed by Lang Ping who take the money to complete. Zhu Ting experience world championship in 2014 and 2015 world cup of temper, growth for the world's top ace spiker, a high level of foreign club of Zhu Ting very interested in and the national team also feel to Zhu Ting's further development, it is necessary to a high level of League and temper. After Lang Ping directed the Turkey giants Keifer watts matchmaking Bank successfully signed Zhu Ting.

(Zhu ting to harvest the Olympic Games MVP) "I think like Zhu Ting this level must want to go out to play, with foreign players exchange and foreign League very fashionable, the world's most advanced game, a team will gathered many of the world's best players," Lang Pingzhi guide said.

Lang Ping has a high demand for his disciples.

Tile Kiefer bank has a strong strength, the coach is the Olympics of the Dutch team coach Guidetti, he will the Dutch team, the core selected Olympic best lineup in the collusion Sloate Jess also took in the past, in addition to Dutch main font Cruyff, the star of the team and the Olympic Games will best font Serbia Rathi's odd, the main American team World Championship MVP hill, Turkey main setter Naz.

Zhu Ting is Jin Yanjing's pursuit of the target.

In the Turkey League, Zhu Ting will duel with her idol kim. South Korea is the world's first main attack, her annual salary of 1 million 200 thousand euros, compared with 1 million 100 thousand euros, Zhu Ting is also higher. Kim has been famous for a long time in the 2012 London Olympic Games women's volleyball team MVP, Zhu Ting once took her to do their own pursuit of the goal.

(the world's two largest spiker Freemasonry.)

Last year, Asian women's Volleyball Championship, women's volleyball China 3 than 0 beat South Korea to win, South Korean women's volleyball team core Kim scored 22 points for the highest audience. But she after Zhu Ting praise: "Zhu Ting more mature than last year has become an integral part of the Chinese women's volleyball team main force, no Zhu Ting is not complete Chinese team." This year, the Rio Olympics, Zhu Ting won the women's volleyball match MVP, have comparable idol kim. 21 year old Zhu Ting now get in the first-class level in the world league volleyball exercise opportunity, look forward to the "little hammer" again.

(the Olympic champion is a starting point for Zhu ting to take off.