The king of all when Guoping retired? The 26 year old Liu Guoliang Zhang Yining peak retreat

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The king of all when Guoping retired? The 26 year old Liu Guoliang Zhang Yining peak retreat

2016-08-25 19:03:50 1144 ℃

The end of the Olympic Games, won the women's singles table tennis team gold silver and Li Xiaoxia also announced the decision to retire. The 28 year old she was in the women's singles semi-final with a "bully" Ai Fukuhara, now retired early.

Guoping in recent twenty to thirty years gave birth to many of the "devil" character, Li Xiaoxia is not retired the earliest that, Deng Yaping in 25 years, and he announced his retirement, Liu Guoliang is 26 years old to retire, and in the "devil" level of players, retired the latest should count Wang Liqin, he retired is 35 years old.

Deng Ya Ping -- 25 years old

Deng Ya Ping officially retired at the age of 25, in fact, at the age of 24, she has been out of the national team. 15 years into the national team, 16 years of fame, Deng Ya Ping dominated the women's table tennis for nearly 10 years.

Guo Yue -- 26 years old

Guo Yue is a genius, 12 years into the national team, 16 years old became the youngest world champion, Olympic campaign and in the Beijing Olympic Games beat Li Jiawei, help China Nvping swept all the gold, silver and bronze medals. However, because of injuries, Guo Yue in 2014 to leave the national team, as the coach, into the University for further study and retired.

Li Xiaoxia -- 28 years old

Li Xiaoxia in the London Olympic Games will be the women's singles champion, the 2013 World Championships beat Liu Shiwen achievements Grand Slam, plus the National Games gold medal, Li Xiaoxia achievement is the "slam", in this year's Rio Olympic Games has become the fuyuanai "nightmare". But the women's team after the game she announced the decision to retire.

Zhang Yining -- 28 years old

The word "devil", as Zhang Yining is born, about her piece, meet the eye everywhere. In 2009 finished games Zhang retired, started his new life, retired peak period, her decision also let many people do not understand. Zhang Yining in married for many years talked about why the peak period retirement: "at that time fires off the National Games, just that is a node, for athletes, which means go right to the end of a milestone, painted a good ending."

Wang Nan -- 29 years old

Wang Nan is the almost 2 months to 30 years announced his retirement, the 2008 Olympic Games, Wang Nan prior to win a bureau is Zhang Yining even win 4 games to reverse, the silver medal harvest, tears soared under, Wang Nan also announced his decision to retire. 15 years into the national team, 20 year old open Nvping belongs to the era of Wang Nan, the harvest of the 24 world champion.

Liu Guoliang -- 26 years old

Guoping men of the devil who generally than female pingpong "devil" athletes life a little longer, but Liu Guoliang the ruled table tennis a era of legend at the age of 26 announced his retirement. Before retiring, Liu Guoliang also won the Korean Open Doubles Championship, world championships men's team champion and runner up in the men's doubles.

Kong Linghui -- 31 years old

Kong Linghui in short 6 days over the 31 year old announced his retirement, he and Liu Guoliang rule the 1990s man ping pong, foreign journalists had to Kong Linghui invariably write such a title "KONGISKING!" (hole is the king). In 2006, Kong Linghui officially announced his retirement, as a coach to make its own contribution is still guoping.

Wang Hao -- 31 years old

Although access to the Olympic Games men's singles "triple Asia". But it cannot be denied that Wang Hao's strength, Wang Hao career received a total of 18 world championship, and Ma Lin and Deng Yaping parallel ranked third place in the history of Guoping, after Zhang Yining 19 Wang Nan and 24. 2014, just over 31 year old Wang Hao announced his retirement.

Ma Lin -- 33 years old

Marlene 6 years playing at the age of 14 is Cai Zhenhua phase into the national team, received a total of four World Cup champion, is also the first won the men's singles World Cup champion, known as the world cup Mr.. He won 18 world titles, second only to Zhang Yining and Wang Nan. In December 2013, Ma Lin married his girlfriend, and at the ceremony officially quit the national team.

Wang Liqin -- 35 years old

Wang Liqin in after Liu Guoliang Kong Linghui times, teamed up with Marlene created the champion era and World Championships, the first three championship players. At Ma Lin's wedding, Wang Liqin also announced his retirement in 2014, officially held Guoping veterans retirement ceremony.